Yahoo Auctions Proxy Service Guide

829 Japan has been privately bidding on Yahoo Auctions items on behalf of a few trusted customers for more than 3 years now. We have decided to open the service to more members of the diecast/hobby community and worked on an easy and safe way to manage the bids requests for both you and us. You will find below the detailed steps to follow to request our Yahoo Auctions Proxy Services.

If you are in the hobby of diecast, model kits or anything Japanese you probably know that Yahoo Auctions offers a huge selection of items. It is possible to make very good deals or find very rare items on Yahoo Auctions, but the website is reserved to Japan residents. 829 Japan can help you buy from Yahoo Auctions.

1. Search for an item

Got to the Yahoo Auctions page. You’ll see a search bar under the Yahoo logo. You can try to type in alphabet but you’ll get the best results if you type in Japanese. You can use our list of translated names and copy/paste them into the search bar.

Example : I am looking for a Tomica Viper with Advan livery. Using the translations provided on the list I copy/paste the following words : トミカ, バイパー and アドヴァン

Found one !

Now let’s take a look at the listing.

First you see the item pictures and the auction information.

The most important part is to look at the Time left. Click the link where the arrow points to display the Timer. Make sure you send us your request at least 48 hours before the end of the auction.

The format is : Days + Hours:Minutes:Seconds

You can click on the Category or the Seller name to discover more items.

Decide your maximum bid by checking the Current price, the Number of bids and the Time left.

We reserve the right to not bid on the item if the Feedback is bad.

Under the auction information you can see the auction details.

Make sure to check the Ending date and time. All times on Yahoo Auctions are GMT+9. The Auction ID will be required on the request form.

Under the auction details you can look at the item description.

The layout change and can be basic (like this one) or more sophisticated. In all cases, make sure you understand the description. You can use Google Translate quite effectively. Remember that, just like eBay, the pictures may sometime be misleading. The description tells you what you are bidding on. If the description and pictures doesn’t match we may not accept the request.

Finally the Payment and Delivery information.

Make sure that the Yahoo Kantan Payment option is available. It offers payment protection (meaning we can get the money back if the seller never ship the item). Yahoo Kantan Payment option is required.

Check the Delivery options. Usual options are Non-standard size mail (not insured) or private couriers (Boon, Yamato, Sagawa… all insured). The fee for each option can be found in the description or in the delivery informations. Sometimes the delivery fee is not indicated or need to be calculated. In this example the seller asks us to check Yamato fees to our location.

On the request form you can choose if you want the delivery to be insured or not. If you can’t find the exact fee on the listing, we estimate the not-insured option to be between 140 JPY and 400 JPY and the insured option between 600 JPY and 1000 JPY based on our experience. We will contact you with the exact delivery fee. If for some reason we are unable to determine the delivery fee we may not accept the request.

2. Submit a request

Now that you found what you were looking for, checked that the listing is eligible and decided on a maximum bid you can send us a request to bid on your behalf.

Go to the Yahoo Auctions Proxy Service Request Form and fill in the requested information. Make sure you send it at least 48 hours before the end of the auction to make sure it goes through.

If you want us to bid on multiple items, separate the Auction IDs by a coma and make sure to match the Maximum bids for each auction accurately like on this example.

3. Confirmation

You will receive a message to confirm we are reviewing your request. We reserve the right to deny service if the listing is ineligible or misleading, if we are not able to provide the service at this time or if we doubt the request is genuine.

If your request is denied you will receive an email with more details.

If your request is accepted you will receive a Paypal deposit request. The deposit amount is your maximum bid + the delivery fee. If we can’t figure out the exact delivery fee we may ask for a deposit of 300 JPY for the uninsured option or 800 JPY for the insured option. The final Paypal invoice will be adjusted to reflect the exact delivery fee. In any case we guarantee that you will be charged the exact delivery fee and not more.

Make sure to complete your deposit at least 24 hours before the end of the auction to insure we can bid on time.

4. Auction ends

When the auction ends :

  • if you didn’t win nothing happens and your deposit will be refunded.
  • if you won we will use your deposit immediately to pay the seller.

Note : if your deposit exceeds the price of the item + delivery fee the final Paypal invoice will be adjusted in consequence (see Final invoice below).

We will send you an email when we have the item in hands.

5. Multiple auctions

If you win multiple auctions we will ship the items together. You can ask us to keep your items up to 15 days before shipping them together. This period can be extended if your deposit is not depleted or if you make a new deposit.

6. Final invoice

We will repack all your items for safe oversea shipping and calculate the service fee and shipping fee.

The service fee depends on the amount of the price of the items + delivery fees. You can check the service fee chart below.

Service fee (updated January 2017)

Price of item + Delivery feeService fee
100 to 1,000 JPY300 JPY
1,001 to 2,000 JPY500 JPY
2,001 to 3,000 JPY750 JPY
3,001 to 4,000 JPY880 JPY
4,001 to 5,000 JPY1,000 JPY
5,001 to 7,000 JPY1,330 JPY
7,001 to 10,000 JPY1,700 JPY
10,001 to 15,000 JPY2,250 JPY
15,001 to 20,000 JPY2,600 JPY
20,001 to 25,000 JPY3,000 JPY
25,001 to 30,000 JPY3,240 JPY

The shipping fee depends on the weight, the shipping option and the destination. It can be calculated precisely only when your package is ready to ship. To give you an idea of the shipping fees we made this chart. All fees on this chart are estimates based on our experience. The actual shipping fee will be slightly different. If you are not sure about the shipping fee you can ask us on the Comment field of the request form.

Shipping fee estimate (updated January 2017)

Weight (g)Zone 1 SALZone 1 AIRZone 1 EMSZone 2 SALZone 2 AIRZone 2 EMSZone 3 SALZone 3 AIRZone 3 EMS
3001,100 JPY1,300 JPY2,200 JPY1,200 JPY1,500 JPY2,800 JPY1,300 JPY1,700 JPY3,200 JPY
4001,200 JPY1,400 JPY2,200 JPY1,300 JPY1,600 JPY2,800 JPY1,400 JPY1,900 JPY3,200 JPY
5001,300 JPY1,700 JPY2,500 JPY1,500 JPY2,000 JPY3,200 JPY1,600 JPY2,400 JPY4,000 JPY
8001,500 JPY2,000 JPY2,800 JPY1,700 JPY2,400 JPY3,600 JPY1,900 JPY2,900 JPY4,700 JPY
10001,600 JPY2,200 JPY2,900 JPY1,800 JPY2,700 JPY3,800 JPY2,000 JPY3,300 JPY5,100 JPY
12001,900 JPY2,400 JPY3,200 JPY2,100 JPY2,900 JPY4,200 JPY2,400 JPY3,600 JPY5,900 JPY
14002,000 JPY2,600 JPY3,600 JPY2,350 JPY3,100 JPY4,600 JPY2,700 JPY3,900 JPY6,800 JPY
17002,300 JPY2,800 JPY3,900 JPY2,700 JPY3,400 JPY5,100 JPY3,100 JPY4,300 JPY7,700 JPY
20002,500 JPY3,000 JPY4,200 JPY2,900 JPY3,600 JPY5,500 JPY3,300 JPY4,600 JPY8,500 JPY

Check this page for a list of countries by Zone.

Note : SAL shipping is not available to some countries.

If your deposit was not depleted we will adjust the final amount accordingly. For example if you made a deposit of 3500 JPY and the item sold for 2000 JPY + 400 delivery fee, you would have 1100 JPY left on your deposit. The service fee would be 750 JPY and the shipping fee 1200 JPY. The final Paypal invoice would be 750 + 1200 – 1100 = 850. Total cost would be 4350 JPY.

If you have more questions please check our FAQ or contact us.

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