Yahoo Auctions Proxy Service FAQ

Why is the Yahoo Kantan payment option required?
Because this payment option is provided by Yahoo and insure the seller is legitimate. Yahoo Kantan also offers complete buyer protection (meaning we can get our money back if the seller never ship the item).

Is it possible to win multiple items and have them shipped together?
Yes. We can collect all your items up to 15 days after the first item won and ship them together. The service fee will be calculated based on the total amount of the items.

Is it possible to increase my maximum bid?

Is it possible to decrease my maximum bid?
Not if we placed the bid already. Please make sure to chose your maximum bid carefully.

Can I cancel the purchase if I won the item?
No. If you win your deposit will be used to pay the seller.

I can’t find the delivery fee on the listing.
Sometimes the delivery fee is missing or vary depending on the item location. In that case we may charge 800 JPY deposit for delivery. The fee will be adjusted to the actual amount when we send you the final invoice. For example if the actual fee is 560 JPY we will deduct 240 JPY on the final invoice.

When do I get my refund if I don’t win?
The refund will be initiated whitin 24 hours after the end of the auction. You will receive a refund confirmation email from Paypal. Note that Paypal may take a few days to complete the refund, there is nothing we can do about that.

How much is the shipping fee to my country?
Please check the tab below for an estimate. Note that actual shipping fee will be charged.

Weight (g)Zone 1 SALZone 1 AIRZone 1 EMSZone 2 SALZone 2 AIRZone 2 EMSZone 3 SALZone 3 AIRZone 3 EMS
3001,100 JPY1,300 JPY2,200 JPY1,200 JPY1,500 JPY2,800 JPY1,300 JPY1,700 JPY3,200 JPY
4001,200 JPY1,400 JPY2,200 JPY1,300 JPY1,600 JPY2,800 JPY1,400 JPY1,900 JPY3,200 JPY
5001,300 JPY1,700 JPY2,500 JPY1,500 JPY2,000 JPY3,200 JPY1,600 JPY2,400 JPY4,000 JPY
8001,500 JPY2,000 JPY2,800 JPY1,700 JPY2,400 JPY3,600 JPY1,900 JPY2,900 JPY4,700 JPY
10001,600 JPY2,200 JPY2,900 JPY1,800 JPY2,700 JPY3,800 JPY2,000 JPY3,300 JPY5,100 JPY
12001,900 JPY2,400 JPY3,200 JPY2,100 JPY2,900 JPY4,200 JPY2,400 JPY3,600 JPY5,900 JPY
14002,000 JPY2,600 JPY3,600 JPY2,350 JPY3,100 JPY4,600 JPY2,700 JPY3,900 JPY6,800 JPY
17002,300 JPY2,800 JPY3,900 JPY2,700 JPY3,400 JPY5,100 JPY3,100 JPY4,300 JPY7,700 JPY
20002,500 JPY3,000 JPY4,200 JPY2,900 JPY3,600 JPY5,500 JPY3,300 JPY4,600 JPY8,500 JPY

What is the difference between SAL, Air and EMS Shipping?
The speed and served countries. SAL takes between 10 and 30 days, Air between 7 and 15 days and EMS between 4 and 7 days. Note that these estimations come from the Japan Post and can change depending on weather or postal services workload.
All shipping options are insured and come with a tracking number.

Is SAL shipping available to my country?
Please check this list.

What happens if I win the item for a lower price than my maximum bid?
The difference will be adjusted on the final Paypal invoice. For example if your maximum bid is 5000 JPY and you win the item for 3500 JPY, we will deduct 1500 JPY from the final invoice. Note that the service fee is based on the actual price of the item + delivery and not on your maximum deposit.

I plan to use this service a lot, is it possible to make a big deposit and bid on multiple items over time?
Yes. You can make a deposit for multiple items and tell us how much you want to bid on each item. You can also ask us to bid on new items as long as your deposit can cover your maximum bids (just make sure to contact us at least 24 hours before the end of the auctions).