Gallery : Tomica Lotus Elise R-GT and Toyota Crown Athlete

Pictures of the new Tomica regular models for February 2014.

News : Tomica Hamburger Car Special Edition Campaign

On January 25th and 26th a free, special Tomica DVD will be offered with Happy Meal sets in McDonald’s restaurants (only in Japan of course). The quantity is very limited. First come, first served.

This DVD will come with a Tomica Ticket (the Ticket is also available in the January issue of Mebae magazine).

The Tomica Ticket can then be used in any participating store with along with the purchase of 2000 yen, or more, of Tomica products to get this exclusive Tomica Hamburger Car (if it’s still available).


This campaign sounds like a treasure hunt ! Do you think the reward is worth the effort?

Source : TakaraTomy Tomica homepage

Releases : Tomica in January 2014

Schedule for Tomica releases in January 2014 (updated January 14th)

January 1st : Toyota 2000GT SEV (Aeon exclusive)

13th model of the Aeon Tuning Cars Series.


January 1st : Toyota 2000GT Japan Flag (Apita exclusive)

5th model of the Apita World Flag Series.


January 1st : Subaru Impreza WRX STi Rally Team (Toys R Us exclusive)

Second Subaru Rally Team release after the Toys R Us exclusive Subaru Rally Team Transporter in December 2013.


January 18th : #105 Infinity Skyline (regular release) and #105 Infinity Skyline (limited color)

Replace #105 Suzuki MR Wagon.


January 18th : #54 Toyota Town Ace Hamburger Car (regular release)

Replace #54 Honda Civic Type R Euro.


January : Dream Tomica Batmobile 4th Camouflage version (regular release)