News : F-Toys Japanese Classic Car Selection

In July F-Toys will release a new collection of minicars : The Japanese Classic Car Selection.


The F-Toys models are sold in blind boxes and come with a candy. They are considered “confectionary products” instead of toys and sold in the candy section of stores.

The lineup of this collection consists of the Nissan Skyline GT-R, the Isuzu Bellett 1600GTR and the Toyota 2000GT.




Each car will be available in 3 different colors.

ft60196_02 ft60196_04 ft60196_05 ft60196_07 ft60196_08 ft60196_10

Completely new tools, those models feature an opening hood, detailed engine, and mirors. F-Toys models are made of plastic, hopefully the quality will be worth the comparison with Konami, Kyosho and Tomitec diecast versions of those cars.

Gallery : Tomica January 2014 releases

Pictures of the Tomica models released in January (including retailer exclusives).

Releases : Tomica in January 2014

Schedule for Tomica releases in January 2014 (updated January 14th)

January 1st : Toyota 2000GT SEV (Aeon exclusive)

13th model of the Aeon Tuning Cars Series.


January 1st : Toyota 2000GT Japan Flag (Apita exclusive)

5th model of the Apita World Flag Series.


January 1st : Subaru Impreza WRX STi Rally Team (Toys R Us exclusive)

Second Subaru Rally Team release after the Toys R Us exclusive Subaru Rally Team Transporter in December 2013.


January 18th : #105 Infinity Skyline (regular release) and #105 Infinity Skyline (limited color)

Replace #105 Suzuki MR Wagon.


January 18th : #54 Toyota Town Ace Hamburger Car (regular release)

Replace #54 Honda Civic Type R Euro.


January : Dream Tomica Batmobile 4th Camouflage version (regular release)