Gallery : Tomica Lotus Elise R-GT and Toyota Crown Athlete

Pictures of the new Tomica regular models for February 2014.

News : Tomica February releases, Dubai Police GT-R campaign and price increase

Starting today, Feburary 1st 2014, TakaraTomy is increasing the price of the regular Tomica and Disney lines.

Retail price for regular Tomica is up 90 yen (+25%)

Retail price for Disney Motors is up 50 yen (+7%)

Retail price for Disney Cars is up 100 yen (+15%)


To “celebrate” the price increase, TakaraTomy produced a special edition of the Nissan GT-R Dubai Police version.


Limited to 20 000, this exclusive edition will be available through a raffle. From February 1st to March 31st, anyone who sends in 5 proof of purchase to TakaraTomy will be entered in the raffle. This campaign is, of course, offered to Japan residents only.


Other than that, not much activity in February. Only two new models : The Lotus Exige R-GT (replacing #10 Subaru Sambar Van) and the Toyota Crown Athlete (replacing #92 Toyota Ractis).

010 092

The Lotus Exige R-GT regular edition livery is inspired from the Geko Ypres Rallye 2012. The limited edition is inspired from the Turin Test Car 2011

The Crown Athlete is the Pink Edition, on display at the Toyota booth at the Tokyo Motor Show 2013.


The Tomica Shop exclusive model for February is the second version of the Tomica Shop Transporter.



A few pictures of the real cars for reference :