Gallery : Tomica May releases

This month releases includes two new regular Tomicas : Subaru Impreza WRX STi 4door Group R4 and the Ford Focus RS500 (the green version is the limited color).

One new Disney Motors with the Tap Marie from the Aristocats.

And one new Dream Tomica : the Peanuts Girls Bus.

Finally, the Apita stores exclusive Toyota 2000GT Argentina Flag edition.

News : F-Toys Japanese Classic Car Selection

In July F-Toys will release a new collection of minicars : The Japanese Classic Car Selection.


The F-Toys models are sold in blind boxes and come with a candy. They are considered “confectionary products” instead of toys and sold in the candy section of stores.

The lineup of this collection consists of the Nissan Skyline GT-R, the Isuzu Bellett 1600GTR and the Toyota 2000GT.




Each car will be available in 3 different colors.

ft60196_02 ft60196_04 ft60196_05 ft60196_07 ft60196_08 ft60196_10

Completely new tools, those models feature an opening hood, detailed engine, and mirors. F-Toys models are made of plastic, hopefully the quality will be worth the comparison with Konami, Kyosho and Tomitec diecast versions of those cars.

News : Tomica Apita Exclusive in May

Started exactly one year ago, in May 2013, every two months the Apita World Flag Collection offers a Tomica Toyota 2000GT with an exclusive flag decoration.

After the USA, Brazil, France, Canada, Japan and the UK, the next one will be Argentina !


Scheduled for release on May 24th, this model will be sold in the Apita shops in Japan only. Like the previous World Flag collection models, this model will also sell out very fast.

4904810808466_1 4904810808466_2

829 Japan can sell you this car for just $10 (plus shipping), but you have to make a Reservation. It’s on a ‘first come, first served’ basis due to the limited release of the model.

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Gallery : Tomica January 2014 releases

Pictures of the Tomica models released in January (including retailer exclusives).

Releases : Tomica in January 2014

Schedule for Tomica releases in January 2014 (updated January 14th)

January 1st : Toyota 2000GT SEV (Aeon exclusive)

13th model of the Aeon Tuning Cars Series.


January 1st : Toyota 2000GT Japan Flag (Apita exclusive)

5th model of the Apita World Flag Series.


January 1st : Subaru Impreza WRX STi Rally Team (Toys R Us exclusive)

Second Subaru Rally Team release after the Toys R Us exclusive Subaru Rally Team Transporter in December 2013.


January 18th : #105 Infinity Skyline (regular release) and #105 Infinity Skyline (limited color)

Replace #105 Suzuki MR Wagon.


January 18th : #54 Toyota Town Ace Hamburger Car (regular release)

Replace #54 Honda Civic Type R Euro.


January : Dream Tomica Batmobile 4th Camouflage version (regular release)