Gallery: Tomica December 2016 releases

Last gallery of 2016 with the Tomica releases !

Tomica #14 Suzuki Escudo

Tomica #43 Honda NSX

Tomica #43 Honda NSX (limited color)

Tomica Shop Not For Sale Garbage Truck

Nismo Festival 2016 Nismo GT-T Motul Autech 2016

Dream Tomica #157 Gudetama

Dream Tomica SP Snoopy Valentine

Cars Carbon Race Francesco Bernoulli

Cars Carbon Race Max Schnell

Cars Carbon Race Raoul Saroule

Disney Motors Dream Star II Mickey Mouse Valentine Edition 2017

Star Wars AT-ST

Star Wars Tie Striker

Star Wars U-Wing

Star Wars Tsum Top Darth Vader

Star Wars Tsum Top R2D2

Star Wars Tsum Tsum Boba Fett

Star Wars Tsum Tsum C3P0

Star Wars Tsum Tsum Luke Skywalker

Star Wars Tsum Tsum Stormtrooper


Gallery : 7eleven Tsum Tsum Season Edition

More exclusive Tsum Tsum cars from 7eleven, this time with easter bunnies.


Gallery : Tomica TsumTsum Wave 4

The TsumTsum line is growing fast with already 4 waves and quite a few exclusives editions. Anna, Elsa and Olaf have already been released through 7eleven before but these mainline versions are different.

DMT-02 Olaf TsumTop (Snowballs version)

Anna Tsum (Wink version)

Elsa Tsum (Wink version)

Oswald Tsum

Perry Tsum

Woody Tsum


Gallery : 7eleven TsumTsum Christmas 2015

7eleven stores in Japan are celebrating the holidays with a special edition set of Tomica Tsum Tsum models.

Christmas Mickey Mouse Tsum Top

Christmas Minnie Mouse Tsum

Christmas Pluto Tsum



Gallery : Tomica TsumTsum Wave 3

The Tomica TsumTsum line is already on its third wave and more will come in 2016.

7eleven will have a few exclusives TsumTsum for Christmas, including Pluto !




News : Tomica Schedule Q1 2016

Parts of TakaraTomy plans for 2016 have leaked already.

January 2016 :

Tomica regular
#98 Honda S660 (regular and limited colors)

#88 Nissan Elgrand Highway Patrol Car

Dream Tomica
Kuji Hello Kitty

Tomica Premium
#11 Nissan Skyline GT-R V-Spec II Nür

#12 Toyota Celica GT-Four

Disney Motors
DM-04 Doobie Burger Shop Mickey Mouse


February 2016 :

Tomica Regular
#26 Mazda Roadster (regular and limited colors)

#109 Volkswagen Polo Patrol Car

Disney Motors
Shoverudo Arlo (The Good Dinosaur)
EX Cruiser Butch (The Good Dinosaur)
Good Day Carry The Good Dinosaur
ChimChim White Day Edition


March 2016 :

Tomica Regular
#96 Honda Stepwagon (regular and limited colors)

#62 Mazda Atenza Privately Owned Taxi

#128 Kyushu Shinkansen N700

Dream Tomica
#168 Initial D Mazda RX-7 (FC3S)

SP Initial D Mazda RX-7 (FD3S) Project D Version


Disney Motors
DM-12 ChimChim Sofia The First
Good Day Carry Zootopia

DMT-02 Tsum Top Olaf
TsumTsum Woody
TsumTsum Elsa (Wink Version)
TsumTsum Anna (Wink Version)
TsumTsum Perry
TsumTsum Olaf

Tomica Gift Set

Tomica Kuji
#20 Sports Cars Collection

Disney Zootopia Tomica


That’s all for now but no doubt there will be much more stores exclusives and special editions.

This post will be updated with pictures as soon as available.

Source and pictures : Hello to Tomica SNS







News : Tomica TsumTsum Wave 3

The second wave of TsumTsum has just been released that TakaraTomy show us what the third wave looks like.

tsu-dmt03-alien tsu-baymax tsu-mike tsu-sully tsu-piglet tsu-tigger

Only one TsumTop this time with the DMT-03 Alien and five TsumTsum base as usual including Baymax, Mike, Sully, Tigger and Piglet.

The Wave 3 will be released late November. Preorders for the full set of 6 already opened at the 829 Japan Shop.



Gallery : TsumTsum Tomica Wave 2

After the succesful launch of the TsumTsum line in April, TakaraTomy just released the new wave.

Next wave is coming soon in November and will include the TsumTop Alien and the TsumTsums Mike, Sully, Tigger, Piglet and Baymax.