Gallery : Tomica June 2016 releases

Not many new Tomica models for June, but more Tsum Tsum and Disney Motors are coming at the end of the month.

#30 Hino Ranger Heavy Construction Machinery Transporter (First release limited edition)



#30 Hino Ranger Heavy Construction Machinery Transporter



#46 Daihatsu Cast



#140 Komatsu Motor Grader GD675-6



Fire Engines Collection 2 Gift Set






TDR Seta Days 2016 Resort Cruiser




Gallery : Tokyo Disney Sea 15th Anniversary

Despite a 20% price increase the TDR commemorative Tomicas are selling like hotcakes. This time not two, not three, but six models have been released at the Tokyo Disney Resort.

TDS 15th Anniversary Disney Resort Cruiser

TDS 15th Anniversary Disney Resort Line

TDS 15th Anniversary Wing of Wishes

TDS 15th Anniversary Gift Set : Mickey’s Roadster, Minnie’s Convertible and Donald’s Surf Wagon


Gallery : New TDR Vehicle Collection Models

Four new cars have been discreetly released at the Tokyo Disney Resort, as well as the Starspeeder 1000.

Genie’s Dump Car

Mickey’s Wheel Loader

Pluto’s Taxi

Stitch’s Pizza Bike

Star Tours Starspeeder 1000

Gallery : TDR Easter 2016

Once again the Easter event at the Tokyo Disney Resort is about to start and the commemorative Tomica models are out. There used to be three cars but this year the selection is down to two cars. It has probably something to do with the fact that TDR increased their price by 20%.

TDR Easter 2016 Disney Resort Cruiser

TDR Easter 2016 Omnibus


The next TDR models are coming very soon for the 15th anniversary of the Tokyo Disney Sea. Two commemorative models will go on sale (Resort Cruiser and Resort Line), as well as a brand new model : the Wing of Wishes ship.


Wing of Wishes concept art


Gallery : TDR 2016 Special Edition

The Tokyo Disney Resort is celebrating 2016 with a set of Special Edition Tomica models.

Disney Resort Cruiser 2016

Midtown Cab 2016

Grand Circuit Raceway 2016



Gallery : TDR Screen Debut 2015 Special Tomica

To celebrate the 87th anniversary Steamboat Willie, the first cartoon by Walt Disney introducing Mickey and Minnie Mouse, the Tokyo Disney Resort released two limited edition Tomicas.

Screen Debut 11/18/1928 Mickey’s Roadster

Screen Debut 11/18/1928 Minnie’s Convertible




Gallery : TDR Christmas 2015

Christmas is already raging at the Tokyo Disney Resort, with tons of memorabilia on sale including the usual Tomica cars.




Gallery : TDR Halloween 2015

The Tokyo Disney Resort Halloween memorial Tomica for the 2015 event have been released at the park, as well as the 14th Tokyo Disney Sea Anniversary model and new versions of Mickey’s Roadster and Minnie’s Convertible.

Gallery : Tomica July releases

Update : pictures of the Apita, Toys R Us and TakaraTomy Mall exclusives added.

Heavy month for Tomica collectors with plenty of releases ! We are introducing a new layout with slideshows and links to relevant videos. Hope you like it, let us know on Facebook !


#38 Toyota AutoBody COMS

The COMS is a compact electric vehicle used mainly for small deliveries. The bay at the back can be fitted with different types of containers (small, large, refrigerated, etc). COMS Japanese infomercial (Youtube).

The Tomica version is designed with this in mind and the container is a separate part attached to the body. The door opens, unfortunately there is no space to put anything inside. A Seven Eleven version will be available at Seven Eleven stores in Japan later this year.


#112 Subaru WRX STI Type S

The WRX STI Type S is the sport version of the WRX with basically more power and more grip. Definitively a fine looking machine. Subaru WRX STI video (Youtube).

The Tomica standard version features the classic WR Blue Pearl color while the first release limited edition is painted Crystal Black Silica. Just like the recent Subaru Levorg, the bonnet opens.


Dream Tomica #148 Galax-Z

This modified version of the Tommykaira ZZ appeared in the anime Gatchaman Crowds Insight. An actual promotional car has been built and is on display at various anime events. Anime Japan 2015 clip (Youtube).

The ZZ looks much better with that paint scheme than with the plain red or yellow from the regular line.


Dream Tomica #149 My Sweet Piano

Another Sanrio character from the MyMelody universe. Sanrio video (Youtube).

Not much to say about the Dream Tomica, you like it or you don’t.


Tomica Premium #07 Volkswagen Type 2

The good old Kombi never ages ! Original commercials compilation (Youtube).

Very fine replica from Tomica, this car looks really good. One of the best Premium so far.


Tomica Premium #08 Lexus RC F GT500

Currently 6 teams are running the Super GT500 championship in Lexus RC F but the Premium is the white Lexus Racing test car version. Toyota MotorSport RC F movie (Youtube).

The overall is good, but the wing is disappointing for a Premium model that is supposed to be more detailled and accurate than regular Tomica models. It doesn’t show on the picture but the center of the wing arms is filled with transparent plastic. Let’s hope that Tomica will do the more colorful Eneos, Tom’s, Advan or Denso versions.


Disney Motors DM-18 Worm’n Pooh Bear

Cute bee decoration and honey jar on the top. Classic Winnie.


Disney Motors Good Day Carry Toy Story 20th Anniversary

The roof of the truck looks like a box lid, well done ! Unfortunately it doesn’t open.


Tomica Star Wars #07 Darth Vader Tie

A nice addition to the Star Wars line with the iconic Tie piloted by Darth Vador himself. Must look awesome with an escort of Tie Fighters !


Tomica Star Cars wave 1

The “Star Wars Dream Tomica” line is finally available. You can check our previous gallery or the slideshow below.


Tomica Shop Lamborghini Veneno

After the ultra popular gold Aventador, this new exclusive Lamborghini is once again a huge success.


Tomica Shop Disney Motors Dream Star Classic Special 39 Mickey Mouse

Second “Special Thank You” car in the Tomica Shop Disney Motors exclusives.


TDR Summer Festival 2015

Check our previous gallery or take a look at this slideshow :


TDR Stitch Resort Line

Check our previous gallery or take a look at this slideshow :


Otomodachi Gold Shovel

Otomodachi Gold is a magazine for children filled with games and stickers about their favourite topics. The July 2015 issue comes with a special Tomica Shovel.


Aeon Tuning Cars Series #21 Mitsuoka Orochi Kabuto version.

This ‘armored’ version (Kabuto is the helmet of the samurai armor) was released in 2009 and features a carbon fiber bonnet. Only 5 Orochi Kabuto were ever produced.

The gold version of the Orochi Kabuto has already been released in the Toy’s Dream Project collection.


Pokemon With You Wagon 2nd edition

Seven Eleven stores in Japan are running a Pokemon campaign and some of them have a few Pokemon With You Wagon new edition.

This Hiace Tomica is based on an actual mobile playground that drives around the Tôhoku region Pokemon With You website.


Dealer Edition Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X

This box variant of the Evo X is available in very limited quantities and for a very short time at the Mitsubishi Showroom in Tokyo. The car itself is the same as the regular edition.

This special edition was originaly not for sale and given away to Mitsubishi shareholders (hence no barcode).


Apita Toyota 2000GT Sweden Flag

Fourteenth release in the World Flag Collection.

The next Apita 2000GT will be the Malaysia version.


Toys R Us Nissan N-Force Mobile Headquarter

As usual the transporter truck will be followed by a car fom the same manufacturer. Which Nissan car do you think it will be?


TakaraTomy Mall Tomica Premium VW Type 2 Pickup

First exclusive in the Tomica Premium line.

The same model in green will join the regular Premium line later this year.