Gallery : Tomica January 2017 releases

Videos available on 829 Japan YouTube channel

Tomica #50 Toyota Prius

Tomica #50 Toyota Prius (first release limited color)

Tomica #113 Suzuki Every Patrol Car

Tomica Premium #09 Nissan Fairlady Z 300ZX Twin Turbo

Tomica Premium #21 Honda NSX Type R

TakaraTomy Mall Honda S2000 Type S

Tomica Shop Toyota Crown Patrol Car

Gozen Collection #1 Tommykaira ZZ Ii Naotora

Toys R Us Subaru BRZ OT Motul

Apita Toyota 2000GT Japan IV



Gallery : Tomica August 2016 releases

#86 Toyota 86

tom-086-toy-86-wht-00 tom-086-toy-86-wht-01 tom-086-toy-86-wht-02

#86 Toyota 86 (first release limited color)

tom-086-toy-86-org-00 tom-086-toy-86-org-01 tom-086-toy-86-org-02

#94 Nissan Serena

tom-094-nis-ser-red-00 tom-094-nis-ser-red-01 tom-094-nis-ser-red-02

TCN Toyota Crown Athlete S Sky Blue Edition

tcn-toy-croath-blu-00 tcn-toy-croath-blu-01 tcn-toy-croath-blu-02

7eleven Dream Tomica Initial D GT86

711-dt-sp-initiald-gt86-00 711-dt-sp-initiald-gt86-01 711-dt-sp-initiald-gt86-02

Toys R Us Autobacs Racing Toyota Vitz

tru-toy-vitz-autobacs-00 tru-toy-vitz-autobacs-01 tru-toy-vitz-autobacs-02

TakaraTomy Mall Premium Mazda RX-7 FD3S Re Amemiya Specification

ttm-pre-maz-rx7fd3s-wht-00 ttm-pre-maz-rx7fd3s-wht-01 ttm-pre-maz-rx7fd3s-wht-02

Warlord Collection #4 Nissan Fairlady Z Toyotomi Hideyoshi

bushou-nis-fai-00 bushou-nis-fai-01 bushou-nis-fai-02

Dream Tomica Rilakkuma (Nonbiri Neko)

dt-sp-rilakkuma-00 dt-sp-rilakkuma-01 dt-sp-rilakkuma-02

Tomica Shop Dream Tomica Korilakkuma (Nonbiri Neko)

ts-sp-korilakkuma-00 ts-sp-korilakkuma-01 ts-sp-korilakkuma-02



Gallery : Tomica January 2016 releases

Here they are, with a new silver “2016” sticker.
#98 Honda S660

#98 Honda S660 (first release limited color)

#88 Nissan Elgrand Road Patrol Car

Tomica Shop Subaru Legacy B4 Patrol Car

TakaraTomy Mall Premium JSDF Type 90 Tank With Dozer

Apita Toyota 2000GT Japan Fujin

Apita Toyota 2000GT Japan Raijin

Aeon Toyota 2000GT SCCA Racing Version

Toys R Us Lexus IS F CCS-R

Disney Motors DM-04 DoBe Burger Shop Mickey Mouse

Aeon Disney Motors Set Lagoon Wagon Mickey Mouse Cream Deco Version (Valentine 2016)


Gallery : Tomica December 2015 releases

Last releases before 2016 !

#72 Hino S’elega JR Bus Tohoku (Komachi Color)

#84 Toyota Vellfire

#84 Toyota Vellfire (first release limited color)

#124 Keihan Railway Tomas the Tank Engine 2015

TakaraTomy Mall Mitsuoka Orochi

Glory of the GT-R Gift Set

TSW-09 First Order Tie Fighter


Disney Motors Popuet Valentine Edition

Dream Tomica Snoopy Flying Ace





Gallery : Tomica November 2015 releases

Only two new cars this month but many exclusives from the usual retailers.

Tomica #12 Toyota Alphard (first release limited color)

Tomica #12 Toyota Alphard

Tomica #31 Toyota FJ Cruiser Patrol Car

Disney Motors DM-14 Dream Carry

Thunderbird #08 Pod1 The Mole

Tomica Star Wars #08 Millennium Falcon (The Force Awaken version)

Tomica Shop Mercedes-Benz Citaro Bus

Tomica Shop Not For Sale Lotus Exige

TakaraTomy Mall Not For Sale Lamborghini Countach LP400

Toys R Us Lexus Gazoo Racing Transporter

Aeon Tuning Car Series #23 Suzuki Hustler Roadbike Style edition

Apita World Flag Toyota 2000GT Switzerland Flag




News : More TakaraTomy Mall Exclusives coming

More exclusives Tomica!

In an effort to make more customers loyal to their online store TakaraTomy started to give away a limited edition Tomica with all orders above 3000 yen. The free model comes in a special TakaraTomy Mall box and is scheduled to change every month or two.

August : Subaru 360


September : Nissan Skyline 2000GT-R


November : Lamborghini Countach LP400


December : Mitsuoka Orochi


We’ll see if this system works out well enough for TakaraTomy to prolong the offer in 2016.