News : Tomica releases from January to April 2018

The news just dropped thanks to a leak. Let’s take a look at what is coming for 2018 !

Note : pictures for illustration purpose only. Confirmed colors and body types are marked with

January 2018 :

Regular Tomica
#24 Mazda CX-5 (regular and limited color)

#44 Toyota Land Cruiser JAF Road Service Car

Tomica Premium
#25 Cadillac Eldorado Biarritz

#04 Nissan Leopard

February 2018 :

Regular Tomica
#34 Lamborghini Huracan Performante (regular and limited color)

#35 Mercedes-Benz G Class

March 2018 :

Regular Tomica
#112 Lotus 3 Eleven (regular and limited color)

#87 New Honda Motorcycle

Long Tomica
#129 Sunflower

April 2018 :

Regular Tomica
#94 Toyota C-HR (regular and limited color)

#52 New Nissan Car

Tomica Premium
#26 Nissan Skyline GT-R (BNR32)

#27 Toyota 2000GT


Gallery : Tomica January 2017 releases

Videos available on 829 Japan YouTube channel

Tomica #50 Toyota Prius

Tomica #50 Toyota Prius (first release limited color)

Tomica #113 Suzuki Every Patrol Car

Tomica Premium #09 Nissan Fairlady Z 300ZX Twin Turbo

Tomica Premium #21 Honda NSX Type R

TakaraTomy Mall Honda S2000 Type S

Tomica Shop Toyota Crown Patrol Car

Gozen Collection #1 Tommykaira ZZ Ii Naotora

Toys R Us Subaru BRZ OT Motul

Apita Toyota 2000GT Japan IV



Gallery : Tomica August 2016 releases

#86 Toyota 86

tom-086-toy-86-wht-00 tom-086-toy-86-wht-01 tom-086-toy-86-wht-02

#86 Toyota 86 (first release limited color)

tom-086-toy-86-org-00 tom-086-toy-86-org-01 tom-086-toy-86-org-02

#94 Nissan Serena

tom-094-nis-ser-red-00 tom-094-nis-ser-red-01 tom-094-nis-ser-red-02

TCN Toyota Crown Athlete S Sky Blue Edition

tcn-toy-croath-blu-00 tcn-toy-croath-blu-01 tcn-toy-croath-blu-02

7eleven Dream Tomica Initial D GT86

711-dt-sp-initiald-gt86-00 711-dt-sp-initiald-gt86-01 711-dt-sp-initiald-gt86-02

Toys R Us Autobacs Racing Toyota Vitz

tru-toy-vitz-autobacs-00 tru-toy-vitz-autobacs-01 tru-toy-vitz-autobacs-02

TakaraTomy Mall Premium Mazda RX-7 FD3S Re Amemiya Specification

ttm-pre-maz-rx7fd3s-wht-00 ttm-pre-maz-rx7fd3s-wht-01 ttm-pre-maz-rx7fd3s-wht-02

Warlord Collection #4 Nissan Fairlady Z Toyotomi Hideyoshi

bushou-nis-fai-00 bushou-nis-fai-01 bushou-nis-fai-02

Dream Tomica Rilakkuma (Nonbiri Neko)

dt-sp-rilakkuma-00 dt-sp-rilakkuma-01 dt-sp-rilakkuma-02

Tomica Shop Dream Tomica Korilakkuma (Nonbiri Neko)

ts-sp-korilakkuma-00 ts-sp-korilakkuma-01 ts-sp-korilakkuma-02



Gallery : Tomica July 2016 releases

A lot of releases in July and a new record for the fastest selling Tomica in Tokyo. The new Honda Civic was sold out in a couple of hours. Consider yourself lucky if you managed to secure the black first release limited version. The white version should be re-released soon but the black version is definitively gone and already sells at a high price on the after market.

Tomica #76 Honda Civic Type R

Tomica #76 Honda Civic Type R (first release limited color)

Tomica #99 Toyota Sienta

Aeon Tuning Car Series #27 Nissan Fairlady Z Nismo RC Edition

Apita World Flag Collection #20 Toyota 2000 GT Singapore

Toys R Us Toyota 86 Autobacs Racing

Tomica Shop Mazda Roadster

Jeep Wrangler 75th Anniversary (Dealer Edition)
This not for sale exclusive limited edition (7500 pcs) is given away at the Jeep dealerships through a lottery campaign only.

Tomica Premium #17 Honda S2000 Type S

Tomica Premium #18 Mitsubishi GTO Twin Turbo

Dream Tomica #170 Initial D S13 Silvia

Cars C-25 Rip Clutchgoneski (Standard)

Cars C-26 Lewis Hamilton (Standard)

Cars C-28 Matter (Tokyo Race)

Star Cars SC-02 BB-8 Scooter

Star Cars SC-05 R2-D2 Scooter

Disney Motors Good Day Carry Alice Through the Looking Glass

Tomica Shop Dream Carry Special 39



Gallery : Tomica April 2016 releases

Many new Tomica Premium models this month, with the release in the main line of the Toyota S-FR and Nissan IDS Concept sold previously at the Tokyo Motor Show. The only difference between the main line and TMS version of the Nissan IDS is the color of the front and head lights.

Tomica #90 UD Trucks Quon Eneos Tank Lorry

Tomica #105 Nissan NV350 Caravan

Tomica #105 Nissan NV350 Caravan (first release limited color)

Tomica Premium #13 Nissan IDS Concept

Tomica Premium #14 Toyota S-FR

Tomica Premium #15 Subaru Impreza 22b STI

Tomica Premium #16 Toyota 86GRMN

Thunderbirds #09 TB-4 Work Mode

Thunderbirds #10 Elevator Pod


Disney Cars and Star Wars new models will be released later this month and added to this page.



News : Tomica July 2016 releases leaked

It has not been officially announced by TakaraTomy yet but a leak from Twitter revealed a bit of what is coming in July 2016.

Note : early prototypes pictured. Final products will be much better.

Tomica Premium #17 Honda S2000 Type S (feature : suspensions)
PRE 17 S2000

Tomica Premium #18 Mitsubishi GTO Twin Turbo (feature : suspensions)

Tomica #76 Honda Civic Type R (features : suspensions, opening hood). Regular color : white. First release limited color : black.

Tomica #99 Toyota Sienta (features : suspensions, opening rear door)


Source : Tomica Research Team

Gallery : Tomica February 2016 releases

The Mazda Roadster and Nissan Skyline are stealing the show this month !

Tomica #26 Mazda Roadster

Tomica #26 Mazda Roadster (first release limited color)

Tomica #109 Volkswagen Polo Police Car

Tomica Premium #11 Nissan Skyline GT-R V-Spec II Nur

Tomica Premium #12 Toyota Celica GT-Four

Disney Motors Chim Chim Minnie Mouse White Day Edition

More Disney Motors models are coming soon and will be added to this page.


News : Tomica releases from April to June 2016

We now know what’s coming from TakaraTomy after March.

April 2016 :
#90 Eneos Tank Truck

#105 Nissan NV350 Caravan (regular and limited colors)

Dream Tomica:
My Melody (Little Red Riding Hood version)

Tomica Premium:
#13 Nissan IDS Concept

#14 Toyota S-FR Concept

#15 Subaru Impreza 22B STI

#16 Toyota 86 GRMN


May 2016 :
#42 Hato Bus (regular and limited colors)

#89 Suzuki Carry

Dream Tomica
#169 Thomas Car



June 2016 :
#30 Hino Ranger Heavy Haul Flatbed (regular and limited releases)

#46 Daihatsu Cast

#140 140 Komatsu Motor Grader GD675-6

Tomica Gift Set:
Fire Fighter set.

Gallery : Tokyo Auto Salon 2016 Tomica Exclusives

Tomica salon exclusives are more and more difficult to get. At the Tokyo Motor Show in October, visitors were allowed to purchase only two pieces of the Tomica Premium Nissan ID-S and Toyota SF-R. This time at the Auto Salon visitors were limited to only one piece of the exclusives Tomica ! As a result many Japanese collectors who could not attend the venue and required the help of a friend to get the cars have now no choice but hunting them on Yahoo Auctions. And when the demand largely exceeds the offer, prices are escalating.

We managed to get hold of the two Auto Salon exclusives, so you can take a good look at them before emptying your wallet.

Tomica Premium Nismo R34 GT-R Z-tune Proto.

This car is exactly the same as the Premium #01 Nismo R34 GT-R Z-tune, with a new decoration.

Dream Tomica Initial D Takahashi Brothers Set

This set includes the RX-7 FC3S and the RX-7 FD3S Project D Version. These cars will get a regular release in March.



Gallery : Tomica January 2016 releases

Here they are, with a new silver “2016” sticker.
#98 Honda S660

#98 Honda S660 (first release limited color)

#88 Nissan Elgrand Road Patrol Car

Tomica Shop Subaru Legacy B4 Patrol Car

TakaraTomy Mall Premium JSDF Type 90 Tank With Dozer

Apita Toyota 2000GT Japan Fujin

Apita Toyota 2000GT Japan Raijin

Aeon Toyota 2000GT SCCA Racing Version

Toys R Us Lexus IS F CCS-R

Disney Motors DM-04 DoBe Burger Shop Mickey Mouse

Aeon Disney Motors Set Lagoon Wagon Mickey Mouse Cream Deco Version (Valentine 2016)