Gallery : 7eleven Star Cars Set #3

Third exclusive release from 7eleven in the Star Cars series. You can check the first set and the second set galleries on 829 Japan.

Darth Vader Ad Truck (A New Hope version)

R2-711 (Scooter version)



Gallery : Tomica August 2016 releases

#86 Toyota 86

tom-086-toy-86-wht-00 tom-086-toy-86-wht-01 tom-086-toy-86-wht-02

#86 Toyota 86 (first release limited color)

tom-086-toy-86-org-00 tom-086-toy-86-org-01 tom-086-toy-86-org-02

#94 Nissan Serena

tom-094-nis-ser-red-00 tom-094-nis-ser-red-01 tom-094-nis-ser-red-02

TCN Toyota Crown Athlete S Sky Blue Edition

tcn-toy-croath-blu-00 tcn-toy-croath-blu-01 tcn-toy-croath-blu-02

7eleven Dream Tomica Initial D GT86

711-dt-sp-initiald-gt86-00 711-dt-sp-initiald-gt86-01 711-dt-sp-initiald-gt86-02

Toys R Us Autobacs Racing Toyota Vitz

tru-toy-vitz-autobacs-00 tru-toy-vitz-autobacs-01 tru-toy-vitz-autobacs-02

TakaraTomy Mall Premium Mazda RX-7 FD3S Re Amemiya Specification

ttm-pre-maz-rx7fd3s-wht-00 ttm-pre-maz-rx7fd3s-wht-01 ttm-pre-maz-rx7fd3s-wht-02

Warlord Collection #4 Nissan Fairlady Z Toyotomi Hideyoshi

bushou-nis-fai-00 bushou-nis-fai-01 bushou-nis-fai-02

Dream Tomica Rilakkuma (Nonbiri Neko)

dt-sp-rilakkuma-00 dt-sp-rilakkuma-01 dt-sp-rilakkuma-02

Tomica Shop Dream Tomica Korilakkuma (Nonbiri Neko)

ts-sp-korilakkuma-00 ts-sp-korilakkuma-01 ts-sp-korilakkuma-02



Gallery : 7eleven Star Cars Set #2

Back in November 2015 the 7eleven stores in Japan released special editions of some Star Cars models. In July 2016 they did it again !

C3PO (The Force Awakens Version)

Kilo Ren (Starkiller Base Version)

First Order Stormtrooper Ad Truck (The Force Awakens Version)



Gallery : 7eleven Disney Motors Alice Through The Looking Glass

Released exclusively in 7eleven stores in Japan to celebrate the new movie.

Chim Chim Alice

Tap Cheshire Cat

Highhat Mad Hatter


Gallery : 7eleven Tsum Tsum Season Edition

More exclusive Tsum Tsum cars from 7eleven, this time with easter bunnies.


Gallery : 7eleven TsumTsum Christmas 2015

7eleven stores in Japan are celebrating the holidays with a special edition set of Tomica Tsum Tsum models.

Christmas Mickey Mouse Tsum Top

Christmas Minnie Mouse Tsum

Christmas Pluto Tsum



Gallery : 7eleven Tomica Star Cars

With the start of a Star Wars themed campaign 7eleven stores in Japan are selling Star Wars goods including these exclusives 7eleven Star Cars.

Darth Vader Ad Truck (Saga version)

Shadow Stormtrooper




Gallery : 7-Eleven Disney Motors Starlight Date

Now that the Halloween Disney Motors models are released in the main line 7-eleven had to find a new theme for their annual Disney exclusive cars. Many shooting stars appear in Japan in Autumn making it the ideal season for romantic dates under a starry night sky. Perfect opportunity for new Disney Motors cars !

Poppins Starlight Date Mickey Mouse

Poppins Starlight Date Minnie Mouse




Gallery : 7-Eleven Tomica

Along with the Disney Motors Starlight Date cars some 7-Eleven stores in Japan released three exclusives Tomica models.

Toyota Auto Body COMS 7-Eleven

Isuzu Elf 7-Eleven

Toyota Vitz 7-Eleven

The Isuzu Elf is a common sight in Japanese streets, delivering merchandise to the 7-eleven stores at any hour of day or night. The Auto Body COMS started to replace the electric bikes used for quick stock adjustement between nearby stores. The Toyota Vitz however is rarely seen.