News : All Japan Model Show 2017

All the Japanese minicar and model kit makers are showing off their newest items at the All Japan Model Show this weekend. Unfortunately for us only Tomytec brought 1/64 scale cars.

All pictures are from AmiAmi News.

The Mazda 787B is back with the 1991 LeMans #18 livery.

Big news for Civic fans with the production samples of the EK9 on display ! Beautiful stuff from Tomytec once again.

You like 1/64 trucks? Hino HH341 tractor unit, Hino Ranger KL545 and Nippon Fruehauf FPR239 wing roof trailer are coming.

And another Datsun Bluebird SSS Safari.

To finish the Tomica Limited Vintage tour, a quick look at the Nissan Gloria Y31 Gran Turismo prototype.

And that’s it. Only a handful of 1/64 cars at one of the biggest japanese model and hobby show. Aoshima didn’t bother to display their coming GranChan collection, F-Toys had no cars, Kyosho had many cars at every scale imaginable except for the 1/64 and Oversteer was not even there. What’s happening?

Make sure to check out the amazing reports by AmiAmi News for bigger scales cars, robots, military and everything else !

News : More Tomica Premium at the Tokyo Motor Show 2015

TakaraTomy took everyone by surprise when they announced that the Tomica Premium edition of the Toyota S-FR Concept would go on sale at the Tokyo Motor Show 2015, at the same time the real car in unveiled to the public.

But that was not enough. The electric vehicle concept that Nissan revealed a few hours ago will also make its debut in the Tomica Premium line at the show !


The Nissan IDS Concept is a self driving car featuring an advanced AI and innovative interior design.

TakaraTomy definitively has a strong partnership with major Japanese auto makers. Tomica was able to develop and produce the reduced version of secret concept cars that no one had heard about without leaking any information !


News : More Tomica at the Tokyo Motor Show 2015

For the 44th edition of the Tokyo Motor Show, TakaraTomy prepared more than usual for the visitors.

The 12 Tokyo Motor Show 2015 Tomica Models are not the only exclusive cars that will be on sale at the Tomica booth. The Toyota S-FR Concept Car will make its debut at the show but also in the Tomica Premium line !


An exclusive metallic version of the Thunderbird 2 will also be on sale.


Stay tuned for a full report on the Tomica booth at the Tokyo Motor Show 2015.




Event Report : Tokyo Toy Show 2015

The Tokyo Toy Show 2015 is open to public today and tomorrow. As usual the show is aimed at children toys, although some booths do not have remotely anything to do with children or toys (an aromatherapy shop and a foot massager machine for elderly people, amongst other).

829 Japan decided to focus on Tomica products, and there is plenty to see.

Visitors can take a close look at the July and August regular Tomica releases as well as the September models for the first time.


This includes the Subaru WRX STI Type S, the Toyota Body COMS, the Jeep Wrangler, the Toyota Dyna Illumination Truck, the Daihatsu Wake, the Mazda CX-5 Patrol Car and the L0 Shinkansen Maglev.


Dream Tomica The Avengers Spider Formula first look, on display with Iron President and Captain Cruiser released today.


The not for sale Lamborghini Veneno Roadster is gorgeous, too bad it will be a prize item. It would deserve a wider release.


Tomica Premium #07 VW Type 2 and #08 Lexus RC F GT500.


TakaraTomy is going full force into the Thunderbirds are Go ! products. All kind of toys, action-figures and Tomica are ready to inundate the market as soon as the TV series goes live in Japan on the NHK channel at the end of August.



The Thunderbirds are Go ! Tomica corner has a nice paradise island feel.


The boxes are once again similar to the Tomica design but more colorful. Let’s take a closer look.


Thunderbird 1 and The Mole (“Jet Mogura” in Japanese)


Thunderbird 2 and Thunderbird 3. The prototype of Thunderbird 3 was unfortunately damaged.


Thunderbird 5 and a new secret ship. That ship was not in the original Thunderbirds series and was designed for the new Thunderbirds are Go ! series. It’s nice from TakaraTomy to try to keep a surprise before the show airs, but in our Internet age nothing can be kept secret for long. The name of this ship is “Shadow“, you can ask Google for pictures if you are curious.


Thunderbird 4. My personnal favourite.


FAB1 or simply “Penelope” in the Japanese version.

The Thunderbirds are Go ! Tomica line will be released in October 2015.


Next stop : Star Wars. The Tomica Star Wars line is doing well, and the coming #07 Darth Vader Tie was on display as well as the new Star Cars line. All of them will be released on July 18th, but the Star Cars were on presale at the show.




A quick look at the Star Wars Metacole diecast figures. So far Darth Vador, Stormtrooper, R2D2 and C3PO have been released. Yoda, Luke and Boba Fett will be available in September 2015.




Disney Motors had a large area with a beautiful diorama at the center.




Amongst all the Disney Motors models on display were both July releases : Worm’n Pooh Bear and Good Day Carry Toy Story 20th Anniversary.



TakaraTomy was of course promoting the Tomica System road building system with examples of what it is possible to do with a few boxes.


And with many boxes.


Next to the Tomica System was the Tomica Factory playsets. The big set comes with an exclusive orange Lamborghini Veneno, shown to the public for the first time.


Many collectors will certainly buy the playset just for the Veneno !


To complete our tour of the Tomica models on display at the Tokyo Toy Show 2015, let’s take a look at the TakaraTomy online store exclusive Tomica Premium VW Type 2 Pickup.




Tomytec had a sad little display cabinet with only two TLV cars and a few ChoroQ Zero.

TTS15-TLV-110a-01 TTS15-TLV-GTRTA-01


Speaking of ChoroQ, the Disney TsumTsums are coming to the QMix line.



And some characters from the anime Shingeki no Kyojin, better known as “Attack on Titan” outside Japan.


Fun fact : the card at the back says “Donald and Daisy” 🙂

The ChoroQ brand has been rebooted last year, here is a selection of the currently available models. If you ever thought about starting a collection of ChoroQ now is the time !



Nissan was one of the many booths that was not really related to toys, but they made an effort with an automated Tomica Circuit and an epic GT-R Tomica display.





Fans of Ultraman could look closely at one car of the XIO team on the Nissan booth.



Visitors could also vote for the worst looking Toyota 86 ever between these two specimens. Decide for yourself.

TTS15-LIFGUA-86-01 TTS15-LIFGUA-86-02


That’s it for this coverage of the Tokyo Toy Show 2015. Final batch of pictures with close-up of the Thunderbirds are Go ! diorama (the models displayed are plastic toys, not Tomica).




The next event report will be the Tomica Event in Yokohama in August, stay tuned !



News : Tomica Fuji 86 Style with BRZ 2015 exclusive 2 pack

TakaraTomy is quietly getting ready for the Fuji 86 Style with BRZ 2015 event in August. After last year’s yellow Toyota 86, this time there will be not one but two exclusives models in a pack including a Toyota 86 and a Subaru BRZ.


The BRZ in black looks nice, and the blue 86 seems to be the replica of the second custom body by MyStyle after the brown one sold at the Tokyo Auto Salon 2015.


Very nice exclusive 2 pack, that will be once again pretty difficult to get.


Event Report : Shizuoka Hobby Show 2015 – Tomytec

Last year Tomytec took everyone by surprise with the Nismo GT-R. This year they did it again with some very unanticipated and beautiful models !

The most interesting one is the Nissan Vision GT 2020 Concept GranTurismo.


Designed as a virtual concept car for the videogame Gran Turismo last year, Nissan built a real version recently. After the IDx this is the second Nissan concept car that Tomytec reduce to 1/64 scale, and we hope that more will come from different manufacturers. Release date to be announced.

The other big suprise comes in three : the Alfa Romeo 1750GTV, GT1300 Junior and GT1600 Junior.

SHS15-TLV-ALF-1750GT-01 SHS15-TLV-ALF-1750GT-02

All foreign cars TLV have a big success and those three will certainly be very popular with such an attention to detail. Release date to be announced.

Tomytec also revealed prototypes of the Nissan Skyline 2000 4 door Sedan at a very early stage.

SHS15-TLV-NIS-2000GT-02 SHS15-TLV-NIS-2000GT-03

Different headlights are being worked on. Release date : October 2015

More Nismo GT-R are coming with a black version and the Time Attack version. Release date to be announced.


The prototype of the Nissan GT-R 2014 was also displayed. Release date to be announced.


More Nissan cars with the prototypes of the Silvia Turbo Silhouette (S12 and S110). Release date to be announced.


The models scheduled for June and July were also on display, but we saw them already. Let’s take a look at the models coming later revealed at the show.

LV-153 Nissan Skyline. Release date : August 2015.


LV-N108 Toyota Crown Custom. Release date : August 2015.

SHS15-TLV-N108a SHS15-TLV-N108b

LV-N89c Hino HE366 Transporter. Release date : September 2015.


LV-N109a Nissan Safari. Release date : September 2015.


LV-75b Nissan 3.5 tons Truck (Nissan Service). Release date : October 2015.


LV-80b Nissan 3.5 tons Truck. Release date : October 2015.


Nissan Prairie. Release date : October 2015.


Tomytec didn’t forget to bring the new Volkswagen ChoroQ Zero to the show :

SHS15-CQ-01 SHS15-CQ-02

That’s it for Tomytec coverage, more is coming soon !




Event Report : New Tomica ‘Premium’ line

TakaraTomy tease about a new concept line is finally over with the opening of the Tokyo Auto Salon 2015 today.

Well hidden from the crowd in a corner of one of the eleven huge halls of the Makuhari Messe Convention Center, a little display with no signs was standing behind the MyStyle cars. On the front was a collection of (almost) all the versions of the Tomica Toyota 86, including the show exclusive 86 ‘MyStyle’. On the other side was for the first time for everyone to see (at least the ones who could find it) the new Tomica Premium line.


Important : all models pictured are “work in progress” and do not represent the final quality of the products.

The short description says “high detail collection model” making it clear that these models are not intended to be toys but rather collectible items. If we take a close look at the cars, they are indeed much more detailed than a regular Tomica.


Actually they look a lot like the Tomica Limited models, so why not just resurrecting the Tomica Limited line?

A few reasons come to mind : first, those models are probably not ‘limited’ and reruns could occur if needed. Second, because there is not only cars in the line.

The launch line-up will include 3 cars, 1 truck, 1 tank and 1 spacecraft. It looks like the Tomica Premium line as been developped as a bridge to guide young collectors into the miniature hobby.


Expect to see more of Tomica Premium in the news before the release of the first wave in April 2015 as 829 Japan will follow this line with the attention it deserves. In the meantime, check out these pictures and chose your favorite !

01 – Nismo R34 GT-R Z-tune


02 – Morita Wildfire Truck Concept


03 – Type 90 Tank


04 – Mazda RX-7 FD3S Re-Amemiya version


05 – Lotus Europa Special


06 – JAXA Hayabusa 2


Event : All Japan Model & Hobby Show – Tomytec

Tomytec powers up ! The biggest surprise of the show (in 1/64th scale) was the prototype of the GT-R Nismo that will be released in the Tomica Limited Vintage Neo line. Tomytec always said that the TLV line would include only “common cars from the Showa period”. A few cars from early 90’s made it through the TLV Neo but hope to see cars from late 90’s or even 2000’s were very low. It seems the succes of the Nissan IDx pushed them to change their mind. The GT-R as LV-N100 opens new horizons and is very exciting news for collectors.


LV-N100 Nissan GT-R Nismo (available in February 2015)


LV-N101 Nissan GT-R Nismo N-attack Package (available in March 2015)


The prototype of the Toyota Town Ace from the 80’s was on display too, and to prove the new position of the TLV line the prototype of the Toyota Century second generation (1997) was also present.



A new model with a nice livery will be added to the Snake Motors line, the Toyota Crown Hard Top from the 2 Beat synchronized driving team.


The Nagashi Curry Clipper was displayed with the fake commercial published in Setagaya Base magazine it originated from. Yes, that’s Takeshi Kitano disguised as a japanese farmer.



After Snake Motors and Crazy Ken’s Car Club, Tomytec is ready to introduce two new sub-collections called Nihonsha no Jidai (that can loosely be translated as ‘Japanese Cars Generation’) and Nihon no Motorsport Shi wo Furikaette (‘Remembering Japanese Motorsport’).


Top : ‘Nihonsha no Jidai’ Datsun 1200 Truck and Toyopet Crown American versions with left hand drive.
Bottom : LV-15d Datsun 1200 Truck Yamashino and ‘Nihon no Motorsport Shi wo Furikaette’ Toyopet Crown Australia Rally version.


More models for 2015, with no reference number yet.

TLV_ISU_117_001 TLV_MIT_GAL_01

Isuzu 117 Coupe 1800 and Mitsubishi Galant Sigma 2000GSR/1600GL


Nissan Cedric 2000 SGL-E and Nissan Cedric Taxi


Nissan Gloria 280E and Toyota Mark II Grande Limited


Fans of Seibu Keisatsu will be happy to see this :


Carried on by the huge succes of the Seibu Keisatsu line, Tomytec decided to give a try at less popular japanese police shows :


Left : ‘TokusĂ´ Saizensen’ Nissan Cedric Deluxe and Nissan Gloria 2000 SGL

Right : ‘TaiyĂ´ ni Horeo’ Toyota Celica 1800GT-TR and Toyota Mark II GT Twin Turbo


And all the late 2014 TLV products were of course displayed.


LV-N96 Toyota Town Ace Van / LV-N97 Daihatsu Delta


LV-N98 Toyota Mark II Grande / LV-N99 Toyota Town Ace Wagon

TLV-147_TOY_CRO_01 TLV-148_TOY_CRO_01

LV-147 Toyopet Crown / LV-148 Toyopet Crown Deluxe


Only two models on display for the 1/43 scale TLV line :

TLV--N43_09a_NIS_GLO_01 TLV-N43_10a_NIS_CED_TAX_01

LV-43-09a Nissan Gloria and LV-43-10a Nisan Cedric Taxi


On the ChoroQ Zero side, here is what’s coming :

CHQ_01 CHQ_02 CHQ_03 CHQ_04


And to finish, a look at other Tomytec activities : 1/150 model trains and dioramas, 1/144 planes and 1/12 guns.

TT_144_PLANES_01 TT_150_BUS_01 TT_150_TRAIN_01TOM_112_GUN_01 TOM_112_GUN_02 TOM_112_GUN_03

Stay tuned for Kyosho and more !





Event Report : Tomica Event in Tokyo

The Tomica Event in Tokyo is on from August 8th to 17th. Makuhari Messe’s huge Hall number 9 has been completely taken over by TakaraTomy.

There are many activities for kids and vintage Tomicas on display, as well as all the new products. And of course exclusive models.

The main attraction is this huge Tomica Town.

The entrance ticket comes with a Event Special Tomica and includes access to most of the attractions. But some (the games with Prizes Models or Tomica Factory) require a number of special tickets sold only inside the venue.

These are all the Tomica exclusive models available at the Event. Prize Models can be won by kids only, adults are not allowed to participate.

The Tomica Factory is the attraction with the longest wait. Visitors can choose the parts and assemble their car with the help of qualified and friendly staff. The Toyota 86 is by far the most popular with an average wait of 40mn. There is a limit of 3 cars each time, so in order to get the set of 9 variations, visitors have to wait in line 3 times. I spent most of my time there waiting.

The Regular Tomicas for August and September are on display.

The coming Tomica Limited Vintage are on display too. The recent Bayside Motors garage diorama is perfect for this purpose.

This corner shows the results of the Tomica Dream Motor (TDM) Contest Grand Prix. The drawings of the five finalists have been made into real prototypes. The winner (‘Disc Patrol Car’) should be the next TDM model to be produced.

The Tomica Police Toyota 86 is once again the star of the show. This time the Police Nissan Leaf is there too.

The Hyper Rescue line is being expanded with the Great Ambulance. All products are compatible.

Very nice display for the Disney Motors line !

Cars, Planes and Thomas licenses are also on display.

And finally, take a look at all this Tomica from all periods !

Event Report : International Tokyo Toy Show 2014

TakaraTomy had a huge booth at the International Tokyo Toy Show filled with all of their coming products. This post is focused on Tomica, everything else in the show was toys.

The regular Tomica scheduled for July to September were on display. It was difficult to take a good look and get good pictures because of the dirty glass and the light coming from below the cars was way too bright . A poor choice in presentation…


All these little Tomica will be released in July, August and September


July : Ford Mustang GT V8 and Renault Megane Gendarmerie


August : Renault Formula 3.5 and Nissan X-Trail


September : Nissan Fairlady Z Nismo


September : Doctor Heli and Shinkansen E7

And before you ask : the red Mustang doesn’t have any opening parts…


The Dream Tomica line is expanding further and further and will have more upcoming models than the Regular Tomica line.


July : Belle and Godzilla


August : AE86 Trueno (Initial D) and Oigawa C11 (Thomas)


International Tokyo Toy Show 2014 exclusive Mario Kart 8 Luigi


September : Lupin the 3rd


September : Time Mechabuton


August : Pokemon Megalucario Blue Dash


August : Pokemon Xerneas Raindow Speed


August : Pokemon Yvetal Wing Formula

Luigi from Mario Kart 8 is the exclusive model of the International Tokyo Toy Show 2014. Last year’s exclusive was Metal Mario from Mario Kart 7.


The biggest news from the show was the announcement of the the Star Wars Tomica line. The first wave will consist of 4 models and is scheduled for January 2015.

SWT-01-1 SWT-02-1 SWT-03-1 SWT-04-1

The Star Wars Motors line, similar to the Disney Motors line, will follow shortly. The concept sketches for Darth Vader and C3PO are ready.



Many models are coming to the Disney Motors line too, including the huge Truck Trailer.


June : EX Cruiser Patrol Car Woody


July : Dream Star Aurora and Poppins Snow White


July : Dream Star II Maleficent


July : Speedway Star Buzz Lightyear


July : Dream Star Special 39 Mickey Mouse


August : Chim-Chim Pizzabike Alien


September : Speedway Star Racing Mickey Mouse


September : Poppins Mickey Mouse Halloween Edition 2014


October : Dream Star Classic Mickey Mouse


November : Truck Trailer


In August the Hyper Rescue team will receive new equipment with HR-08 to HR-12 vehicles, as well as a third Power Unit Vehicle to upgrade the big HR-0. HR13 and HR-14 will come later.


Full Hyper Rescue lineup


HR-08 to HR-14


Power Unit Vehicle 03 by itself and attached to HR-0.


Tomytec products were on display too, but in a tiny cabinet. Check our Shizuoka Hobby Show 2014 coverage for more Tomica Limited Vintage first look.


A little corner was dedicated to Choro-Q, and more specificaly to the new Q-Eyes. These battery-operated automated Choro-Q have a sonar feature that prevents them from colliding with their environment (they do collide with moving objects though, including nearby Q-Eyes unfortunately…). Like a Roomba but without the cleaning.

CQ-1 CQ-2

Many interesting things to see on the TakaraTomy booth. Not much on the Kyosho side except a few aerial stunts performed by their impressive (and tiny) radio controlled QuattroX.