News : All Japan Model Show 2017

All the Japanese minicar and model kit makers are showing off their newest items at the All Japan Model Show this weekend. Unfortunately for us only Tomytec brought 1/64 scale cars.

All pictures are from AmiAmi News.

The Mazda 787B is back with the 1991 LeMans #18 livery.

Big news for Civic fans with the production samples of the EK9 on display ! Beautiful stuff from Tomytec once again.

You like 1/64 trucks? Hino HH341 tractor unit, Hino Ranger KL545 and Nippon Fruehauf FPR239 wing roof trailer are coming.

And another Datsun Bluebird SSS Safari.

To finish the Tomica Limited Vintage tour, a quick look at the Nissan Gloria Y31 Gran Turismo prototype.

And that’s it. Only a handful of 1/64 cars at one of the biggest japanese model and hobby show. Aoshima didn’t bother to display their coming GranChan collection, F-Toys had no cars, Kyosho had many cars at every scale imaginable except for the 1/64 and Oversteer was not even there. What’s happening?

Make sure to check out the amazing reports by AmiAmi News for bigger scales cars, robots, military and everything else !

News : Tomytec 1/64 releases from October to December 2017

Here is a little recap of what Tomytec is cooking.

October 2017


LV-N35d Honda Ballade CR-X F-1 Edition / LV-N35e Honda Ballade CR-X

LV-N148c/d Nissan GT-R 2017

LV-N156a/b Toyota Cresta GX71

November 2017


Safari 5000 #01 Datsun Bluebird

Ogikubo Damashii #05 Nissan Skyline 2000


LV-N157a/b Nissan Laurel 2000GL-6

LV-N139c Isuzu Erga Shinki Bus

December 2017


LV-169a/b Mazda Cosmo Sport


LV-N159a/b Nissan Laurel SGL-E

LV-N161a/b Datsun 200SX Custom Roadster


News : Tomytec 1/64 releases from July to September 2017

Tomytec has many interesting models coming this summer.

July 2017


LV-N149a Nissan Cedric Turbo SGL / LV-N149b Nissan Cedric Turbo F

LV-N153a/b Nissan GT-R Nismo 2017

LV-N155a Hino Blue Ribbon Yokohama City

August 2017


LV-166a Toyota Patrol Car / LV-166b Toyota Unmarked Patrol Car


LV-N150a/b Nissan Gloria V30 ProAm

Seibu Keisatsu #21 Gazelle

September 2017


LV-168a/b Nissan Bluebird SSS


LV-N154a  Nissan Gazelle XE / LV-N154b Nissan Gazelle XE-IIG

Mazda 787B 1991 LeMans Winner

Mr K’s Selection #2 Datsun 510



Gallery : Tomytec 1/64 December 2016 releases

2016 has been another great year for Tomytec and the December selection is a good example of what the company can do.

LV-163a Nissan Skyline 2000 GT-X 1972

LV-163b Nissan Skyline 2000 GT-X 1972

LV-N134a Toyota Corolla 1600GT 1979

LV-N134b Toyota Corolla 1600GT 1979

LV-N136a Lancia Delta HF Integrale 1988

LV-N136b Lancia Delta HF Integrale 1988

Silvia Turbo Super Silhouette 1984

Japanese Car Era #09 Nissan Skyline 2000GT 1970

Abunai Deka #07 Nissan Cedric 200E SGL (430)


Gallery : Tomytec 1/64 November 2016 releases

The Skyline 2000GT is here, and that is probably the most accurate 1/64 Skyline 2000GT ever made. Hats off to Tomytec. Can’t wait for a KPGC10 GT-R version.

LV-161a Toyota Corolla 1200 2 Door Deluxe 1969
tlv-161a-toy-cor-slv-00 tlv-161a-toy-cor-slv-01 tlv-161a-toy-cor-slv-02

LV-161a Toyota Corolla 1200 2 Door Deluxe 1969
tlv-161b-toy-cor-yel-00 tlv-161b-toy-cor-yel-01 tlv-161b-toy-cor-yel-02

LV-162a Nissan Skyline 2000GT 1969
tlv-162a-nis-sky-slv-00 tlv-162a-nis-sky-slv-01 tlv-162a-nis-sky-slv-02

LV-162b Nissan Skyline 2000GT 1969
tlv-162b-nis-sky-red-00 tlv-162b-nis-sky-red-01 tlv-162b-nis-sky-red-02

LV-N133a Fiat Panda 1000 Super IE
tlv-n133a-fia-pan-wht-00 tlv-n133a-fia-pan-wht-01 tlv-n133a-fia-pan-wht-02

LV-N133b Fiat Panda 1000 Super IE
tlv-n133b-fia-pan-bei-00 tlv-n133b-fia-pan-bei-01 tlv-n133b-fia-pan-bei-02

Tokusou Saizensen #04 Nissan Cedric 280E Proam
ts-04-nis-ced-unm-00 ts-04-nis-ced-unm-01 ts-04-nis-ced-unm-02



News : Tomytec 1/64 releases from January to March 2017

Let’s take a look at what Tomytec is preparing for next year.

January 2017


LV-164a/b Nissan President B Type

tlv-164a-nispre-gry tlv-164b-nispre-wht

TLV Neo :

LV-N135a/b Toyota Corolla 1800SE

tlv-n135a-toycor-brn tlv-n135b-toycor-yel

LV-N137a/b Toyota Cresta Super Lucent

tlv-n137a-toycre-wht tlv-n137b-toycre-gld

February 2017

TLV Neo :

LV-N138a/b Toyota Cresta GT

tlv-n138a-toycre-gld tlv-n138b-toycre-slv

LV-N142a Nissan Civilian Tokyo Metropolitan Police Riot Rescue Team


LV-N143a Nissan Civilian Fire Personnel Transport


March 2017

TLV Neo :

LV-N95c Toyota Mark II Limited


LV-N144a Nissan Atlas Safety Road


Taiyo ni Horeo :

#6 Toyota Mark II GT Twin Turbo


Japanese Car Era :

#10 Toyota Mark II GT






Gallery : Tomytec 1/64 September 2016 releases

The Lancia Delta is finaly here and as you can see this is one of the best miniature Tomytec ever made. Even if you already own the Kyosho or the CM’s versions, you can’t miss that gem by Tomytec, it surpasses them in every possible way. This amazing release almost overshadows the other cars for September that are quite well done as well. The police version of the President is impressive and the civilian version of the Skyline is spot on. We also get new colors for the Mazda Luce Legato initially released back in 2009.

LV-159a Nissan President Patrol Car

LV-160a Nissan President (Nihon Kotsu)

LV-N21c Mazda Luce Legato Hard Top Limited

LV-N21d Mazda Luce Legato Hard Top Limited

LV-N128a Nissan Skyline 25GT Turbo

LV-N128b Nissan Skyline 25GT Turbo

LV-N130a Lancia Delta HF Integrale 16V

LV-N130b Lancia Delta HF Integrale 16V


News : Tomytec 1/64 releases from October to December 2016

Here is a recap of what is coming from Tomytec for the last quarter of 2016 :

October 2016 :
LV-N124c/d Honda Ballade Sports CR-X 1.5i

LV-N131a/b Fiat Panda 1100CLX 1996

LV-N132a/b Subaru Legacy GT


November 2016 :
LV-161a/b Toyota Corolla 1200

LV-162a/b Nissan Skyline 2000GT

LV-N133a/b Fiat Panda

Tokusou Saizensen:
#04 Nissan Cedric


December 2016 :
LV-163a/b Nissan Skyline 2000GT-X

LV-N134a/b Toyota Corolla 1600GT

LV-N136a/b Lancia Delta HF Integrale

Silvia Super Silhouette 1984

Abunai Deka:
#07 Nissan Cedric

Tokusou Saizensen:
#05 Nissan Gloria




Gallery : Tomytec 1/64 August 2016 releases

Only 4 models this month, a good opportunity to catch our breath before Tomytec get serious again in September. After the Toyota Century, the Nissan President is the second Japanese limousine to be featured in the Tomica Limited Vintage line and is quite massive. The Mitsubishi Galant RS reminds us how me miss Ralliart badged cars.

LV-158a Nissan President Type D 1966

LV-158b Nissan President Type D 1966

LV-N05d Mitsubishi Galant VR-4 Monte Carlo

LV-N129a Mitsubishi Galant VR-4 RS


Gallery : Tomytec 1/64 July 2016 releases

The Skyline ER34 is finally here ! Three different police versions this time, the civilian version will be released in September.

LV-25c Isuzu Hillman Minx Super Deluxe

LV-25d Isuzu Hillman Minx Super Deluxe

LV-N126a Nissan Skyline 25GT-X Investigation Car

LV-N127a Nissan Skyline 25GT Turbo Patrol Car

Abunai Deka #04 Nissan Skyline GT

Abunai Deka #05 Nissan Leopard Ultima

Abunai Deka #06 Nissan Leopard Ultima