News : Oversteer’s GT-R painted pre-production samples

When both Tomytec and Oversteer announced they planned a GT-R Nismo for 2015 at the All Japan Model & Hobby Show, we knew the battle between two of the best 1/64 diecast makers would be ferocious.

On the red corner Tomytec, who is delivering very high quality minicars with its Tomica Limited Vintage line for 10 years already. On the blue corner Oversteer, the rookie who just stepped in one year ago but already scored astounding achievements with only 3 releases.

Tomytec recently unveiled the painted pre-production samples of its GT-R, and many collectors were wondering how Oversteer could top that. The answer is : like this !


This is another beautiful replica of the GT-R Nismo, and it will be tough to say which one is the more accurate. What we can already tell now is that Oversteer offers more choice with 5 colors just for the GT-R Nismo against only 2 for Tomytec.

1501-ovegtrblk1 1501-ovegtrred1 1501-ovegtrblk3 1501-ovegtrred3 1501-ovegtrslv1 1501-ovegtrwht1 1501-ovegtrslv3 1501-ovegtrwht3

As for the details, it’s hard to tell on pictures of painted prototypes. We will have to wait for a side by side comparison in February when both final versions of the cars are available.

It seems like Oversteer will go with micro photo-etched parts again for the Nissan logos after trying it succesfully on the Mazda Roadster RS, and as always chrome stickers on the side mirrors.

1501-ovegtrblk2 1501-ovegtrred2 1501-ovegtrslv2 1501-ovegtrwht2

Your move, Tomytec !


Review : Oversteer 1/64 Mazda Roadster 2013 (MX-5)

In 2013 Interallied (distributor of the high-grade 1/43 lines Hi-Story and Modeller’s in Japan) launched a new 1/64 scale line that aimed to compete with the top brands Tomytec and Kyosho : Oversteer. Their first release was a highly detailed Toyota 86GT, slightly better than the Kyosho version. Six months later Oversteer released a stunning Mazda CX-5 that proved they had the potential of becoming a major player in the ultra-detailled 1/64 scale field. More than one year passed without any new product, but finally their anticipated third model is here : the Mazda Roadster, or MX-5 outside Japan.

Oversteer not only outdid themselves with this MX-5, they are just blowing the competition away with what is probably the most detailed 1/64 car ever made.



As you probably know, taking pictures of such tiny cars in macro mode often shows flaws barely visible to the naked eye. But even so, this MX-5 is always looking good.


The logos are not simple tampos or decals, they are ridiculously small photo-etched parts ! To our knowledge this is the first time this technique is applied to a 1/64 scale car. This looks far better than any tampo or decal, no matter how good they are.

The antenna is a detail missing so often at this scale that we learned to forget about it. Oversteer decided it was important and did a very good job with this tiny (and apparently fragile) antenna.

The interior shows how much Oversteer cares about the micro-details. Again, this is the first time we see this kind of work on a 1/64 scale car ! And it looks even better with the naked eye, especially the aluminium effect on the dashboard.


The mirrors are all functional thanks to chrome stickers. Kyosho used to do that with the late Beads models, but not anymore (or on special editions only) and Tomytec never even tried. You can take a very close look at the steering wheels and see the rivets !


Packaging :

The box is similar to the Kyosho Beads/Original with a plastic base and acrylic cover. The lime/turquoise color scheme is fresh and soft.


Colors :

Ovesteer pushes the accuracy down to the colors : the six colors available are the exact six standard colors from Mazda.

Meteor Gray Mica :


Aluminium Metallic :


Deep Crystal Blue Mica :


Zeal Red Mica :


Jet Black Mica :


Crystal White Pearl Mica :


Verdict :

With this amazing Mazda MX-5, Oversteer shows to the world what it is possible to achieve at 1/64. The overall quality is on par with Tomytec, but the attention to micro-details is unrivaled. Oversteer does everything much, much better than the current Kyosho Originals, even the price : Oversteer models are slightly cheaper than Tomytec regular releases, and much cheaper than the overpriced Kyosho Originals.

The only issue we can find with Oversteer is their very slow rythm. We waited one year for this third release, and now we want more ! Thanksfully the next one, the Nissan GT-R Nismo, should show up in January just before the Tomytec’s version. Be ready for the Clash of the Titans !


Each color of the MX-5 are available now in the 829 Japan store !



Event : All Japan Model & Hobby Show – Oversteer and Kyosho

Oversteer products could be found with 1/43 Hi-Story and Modeler’s, all of them being distributed by Interallied.


After the beautiful Toyota 86 and Mazda CX-5 (both amongst the finest 1/64 cars ever released in our opinion), the third model will be the Mazda Roadster RS. It is very similar to the 25th Anniversary edition recently sold by the Japan Post in Hiroshima and now we know it was Interallied who produced it. The RS version will be available in white, red, black, silver, gray and blue.


Oversteer also announced the Nissan GT-R Nismo and Nismo N-attack Package, exactly like Tomytec did. It will be very interesting to compare the final products from the two best 1/64 diecast makers. The prototype already looks very nice.



In contrast to Interallied’s tiny booth, Kyosho’s booth was huge and, as usual, focused mostly on RC models and slot cars.

In 1/64 scale the incredibly hard to find 2013 and 2014 JKB86 were on display but unfortunately not for sale.

KYO_JKB86_13_01 KYO_JKB86_14_01


The new Kyosho line consisting of recycled models from the SunKus collections was revealed to the public for the first time. All models come from the Ferrari Racing 2 and Lamborghini 5 collections, with new colors and an acrylic display case.


The first car to be available will be the Lamborghini Veneno Roadster (in red or gray). This one will be released in October with a booklet in collaboration with Model Car magazine. Release dates for the other cars are unknown (if they ever make it to the shelves). So far, it includes the Lamborghini Huracan, Miura P400, Jota, Gallardo, Murcielago R-GT, Countach LP500S and Silhouette, and the Ferrari 512BBLM, F40GTE and 599XX.


Another 1/64 car on display was the 2014 Toyota Hiace Super GL. As usual with Kyosho little is known yet.


And that’s it for 1/64. The resin line scheduled for a release last July has completely disappeared from Kyosho’s planning.


Not much things to see in 1/43 scale either. JKB86 and a new Savanna RX-7.

KYO_143_JKB86_01 KYO_143_MAZ_RX7_01


At least there was the prototype of the 1/18 Lamborghini Veneno and the new Fiat 131 Abarth.

KYO_118_LAM_VEN_01 KYO_118_FIA_131_01


Everything else on the quite large diecast corner in the Kyosho booth came from other manufacturers like FrontiArt, Ertl or Premium ClassiXX.