News : 1/64 at the Shizuoka Hobby Show 2018

More news than last year at the Shizuoka Hobby Show ! Here is a recap of the 1/64 thanks to AmiAmi News and Hobby Search.

Tomytec showed off their RX-7 FD3S, a retooling of the Subaru 360 as well as a few prototypes for upcoming models.

Infini RX-7 RZ / Mazda RX-7 RS-R / Subaru 360 / Subaru 360 Convertible

Nissan Prince Royal / Prince Gloria / Toyota Mark II Hard top (X81) / Nissan Cedric/Gloria (Y32)

Ignition Model had quite an impressive display and their Pandem 86 V3 just looks fantastic !

Ebbro is trying a comeback to the 1/64 scale, unfortunately without much originality with the same Honda NSX that Kyosho did pretty well last year and the Civic Type R that literally everyone is doing.

The new 1/64 models from Inno made their first public appearance. More Civics with the EF3 Mugen Motul and the EG9 Jaccs.

MiniGT brought their big display at the show with all their prototypes and we get a closer look at their Porsche models.

LB Works 997 / 911 Turbo GT2 RS

Make sure to check out AmiAmi News and Hobby Search for more pictures and coverage of the 1/43 scale and higher.