News : Tomica at the Tokyo Toy Show 2018

First of, big shout-out to Suzukawa Ayako who did a full coverage of the quite large Tomica/Plarail booth at the Tokyo Toy Show 2018.
You will find timestamped links to her video below but make sure to watch the entire thing for Tomica World, Disney Tomica and more.

The big reveal by TakaraTomy this year is a new line of electronic Tomica cars called Tomica 4D and scheduled for October 2018. They managed to cram a speaker in a car the same size as a regular Tomica, that vibrate and emit sounds to simulate an engine.

One push on the car turns it on with a power up sound, then it shifts to idling while the car gently vibrates. You can hear the “engine” revving up by pushing on the car again. Rolling the car forward (and backward it seems) triggers an acceleration sound. To turn it off, just long press on the car until it stops with the appropriate sound. Take a look at Ayako’s video to hear it in action. Note that the prototypes used for demonstration at the show are plugged to an external speaker (because the place is noisy as hell). It won’t be a feature of the final products.

Very clever design that will certainly be a hit, despite a much higher price tag: at 1600 JPY each (plus tax) they better be tough enough to withstand a child’s careless handling, or the line won’t last long.

To help differenciate the 4D from the main line, the boxes will be much bigger. But inside will be the standard Tomica box everyone’s love.

Six models will be available at launch : the Nissan GT-R (in red or black), the Honda NSX (in blue or white), the Toyota Crown Patrol Car and the Toyota Hiace Ambulance. As you would expect, the emergency vehicules feature a siren sound that will certainly not drive a few parents crazy.

Next up, the upcoming regular Tomica made their first public appearance. From the Civic Type R to the LaFerrari, all releases from June to August were on display. Check out Ayako’s video for close-ups.

The coming Tomica Premium are of course on display too. Interesting find : the first release limited color of the Testarossa will have a red box instead of the usual black.

And there’s more ! Remember the Tomica Limited S Series from early 2000’s? If you don’t, they were bigger sized Tomica (about 1/43 scale) with opening parts but lacking the attention to detail you would expect at that scale. Basically they looked like enlarged Tomica, and never found their public for that reason : too expensive for kids and too much toy-looking for 1/43 scale collectors.

Well, TakaraTomy wants to give it another shot with the Tomica Premium RS. The first release will be a Lamborghini Countach LP500 S. Here’s a few picts courtesy of Amiami :

Coming later this year for 3500 JPY (plus tax). Will it thrive or burn?

That’s it for the major Tomica news at the Tokyo Toy Show 2018. Once again, you can see more on Suzukawa Ayako’s video.


News : 1/64 at the Shizuoka Hobby Show 2018

More news than last year at the Shizuoka Hobby Show ! Here is a recap of the 1/64 thanks to AmiAmi News and Hobby Search.

Tomytec showed off their RX-7 FD3S, a retooling of the Subaru 360 as well as a few prototypes for upcoming models.

Infini RX-7 RZ / Mazda RX-7 RS-R / Subaru 360 / Subaru 360 Convertible

Nissan Prince Royal / Prince Gloria / Toyota Mark II Hard top (X81) / Nissan Cedric/Gloria (Y32)

Ignition Model had quite an impressive display and their Pandem 86 V3 just looks fantastic !

Ebbro is trying a comeback to the 1/64 scale, unfortunately without much originality with the same Honda NSX that Kyosho did pretty well last year and the Civic Type R that literally everyone is doing.

The new 1/64 models from Inno made their first public appearance. More Civics with the EF3 Mugen Motul and the EG9 Jaccs.

MiniGT brought their big display at the show with all their prototypes and we get a closer look at their Porsche models.

LB Works 997 / 911 Turbo GT2 RS

Make sure to check out AmiAmi News and Hobby Search for more pictures and coverage of the 1/43 scale and higher.


News : Japan Post Minicar stamps sets #5 and #6

Started in 2014, the Japan Post is expanding their minicar stamps set collection in 2018.

After the one shot Mazda MX-5 and the begining of a classic car collection with the Skyline 2000GT-R (KPGC10), Skyline 2000GT-R (KPGC110), Skyline GT-R R32 and Honda NSX, the Japan Post released the Toyota 2000GT in March and the Honda S800 is scheduled for April.

Each set comes with a collectible box, a set of stamps and of course the 1/64 minicars from Kyosho.

Both sets are limited to 6000 pieces.





News : Tomica releases from May to August 2018

Only Japanese cars until August with… a Ferrari ?!

Note : pictures for illustration purpose only. Confirmed colors and body types are marked with

May 2018 :

Regular Tomica
#76 Toyota Prius PHV GR Sport (regular and limited color)

#104 Kawasaki BK117 D-2

June 2018 :

Regular Tomica
#58 Honda Civic Type R (regular and limited color)

#106 Honda N-Box

July 2018 :

Regular Tomica
#109 Tomica Swift Sport (regular and limited color)

#85 Mitsubishi Fuso Super Great

August 2018 :

Regular Tomica

#62 New Car (regular and limited color)
No picture

#5 Toyota Dyna Wrecker Truck
No picture

The silhouette of the new car leaked by Tomica themselves is very close to the shape of the Ferrari 488 ! Could it be that Tomica secured the Ferrari licence?

That would be a very welcome after so many years !


News : Oversteer 1/64 Toyota C-HR

It’s been a year since we last heard from Oversteer so it’s very exciting to find out they are still kicking and ready to release a new cool model !

The Toyota C-HR seems to be doing quite well in Japan and more are visible in the streets every week. No doubt this 1/64 scale replica will be as, if not more, popular.

Oversteer gives us the choice of no less than height color variations from Toyota’s catalog.

This C-HR is open for preorder on the 829 Japan Shop.




Gallery : More Tarmac Works 1/64 Mitsubishi Lancer Evo X

I just can’t get enough Evo X by Tarmac ! They are just perfect at this scale. Here is a look at their most recent versions, including the Malaysian police edition.

Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X Final Edition – Rally Red (purchase on

Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X Ralliart Edition – Black (purchase on

Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X – 311RS (purchase on

Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X – Malaysian Police Car (JL Hobby Malaysia exclusive)

They all are fantastic. And with perfectly positioned hard plastic side mirrors.

The signature red version of the Final Edition.

The Ralliart livery, with the tagline “the spirit of competition”.

Tuned by 311RS with blue wheels.

The Polis Evo Helang Malaysia.

I need more ! Can’t wait for the Gulf livery and the Pikes Peak Safety car !


Products provided by Tarmac Works for review.

News : Kyosho 1/64 Lamborghini Minicar Lottery

Kyosho is back ! After a year of sporadic releases through 16d the famous minicar maker will be back in Japanese convenience stores next month with Lamborghini models.

The format will be a lottery similar to what they did with the McLaren Minicar Kuji Collection and the Nismo Minicar Kuji Collection : customers can buy a ticket and exchange it for a random car from the listing.

As usual there is only two new models : the Centenario and the Aventador SV Coupe. Here is the list of the 24 cars:

Prize A : Pearl White set of 3 Centenario / Aventado SV Coupe / Veneno Roadster

Prize B : Pearl Green set of 3 Centenario / Aventado SV Coupe / Huracan

Prize C : Blue set of 2 car Centenario / Aventado SV Coupe

Prize D : Silver set of 2 cars Asterion / Huracan Super Trofeo

Prize E : Asterion (black)

Prize F : Huracan Super Trofeo (yellow)

Prize G : Aventador SV Coupe (red)

Prize H : Centenario (gray)

Prize I : Veneno Roadster (black)

Prize J : Veneno Roadster (silver)

Prize K : Veneno Roadster (blue)

Prize L : Huracan (orange)

Prize M : Huracan (red)

Prize N : Huracan (gray)

Prize O : Miura (blue/gold)

Prize P : Miura (orange)

Prize Q : Countach (green)

Prize R : Countach (yellow)

Maybe not as exciting a lineup as the Hypercar collection from 7eleven Taiwan, but it’s good to see Kyosho coming back to the 1/64 scale.


News : Aoshima 1/64 Subaru Sambar Collection

Aoshima just released a new 1/64 scale collection in Japan. This time the cars are so tiny they are sold in capsule vending machines !

The Subaru Sambar kei-truck appears to be quite detailed for a cheap full plastic toy and is available in five different colors. And there is a secret version as well.

Some of them even come with boxes or covers.

829 Japan has a few sets of 5 coming. You can make a reservation by sending an email to Price is US$20.00 plus shipping fee to your country.

All gone !





Gallery : Tarmac Works Mercedes-AMG GT3

Now that is something really nice. The first Mercedes-AMG by Tarmac was a hit and that new GT3 version is another one!

Mercedes-AMG GT3 – Blancpain GT Series Sprint Cup 2017 #70 – Mori, Heyer (purchase on

Mercedes-AMG GT3 – Nurburgring 24H 2016 #9 – Müller, Haupt, Buurman, Engel (purchase on

Unfortunately the Hello Kitty came with a broken wing. The reason was a screw too short that couldn’t keep the car attached to the base properly. Bad luck I guess. I glued it back but it started leaning when I took the pictures. I managed to fix it properly later, so no big deal in the end. My only concern with those cars are the rubber mirrors, especially on the blue one.

That’s a shame to have bad mirrors on such great models, I never had this issue with the previous Tarmac cars like the Evo X, the Civic FK2 or the R8 LMS, all with hard mirrors. And none ever came with a broken one. To the Tarmac team : please reconsider the use of rubber mirrors ! It doesn’t matter they are unbreakable if they are looking weird.

That said, I love this AMG GT3 and will definitely get the green version.


Products provided by Tarmac Works for review.