Kyosho 7eleven VS Kyosho SunKus 1/64 Porsche comparison

Recently released in 7 Eleven stores in Taiwan, this new collection by Kyosho and PaoFeng raised many questions. Brand new models or reruns of the previous Kyosho Porsche collections by SunKus in Japan? Ben Kiehn took these comparison pictures to help us get a better idea of what this latest collection really is.

First, let’s end the debate on who’s the maker. Kyosho officially took credit for this 7eleven collection on their Taiwanese Facebook page and their badge can be seen everywhere. Yes, those are definitely Kyosho cars. The manufacturer however is not the same as for the Japanese SunKus collections. This time PaoFeng was in charge of the production and they did entirely new tools for the 10 cars. The deal was obviously made for licensing reasons but in the end we have Kyosho models made by PaoFeng. It is not the first time Kyosho works with a another company to produce specific models.

Now that we determined who the parents are, let’s look at the cars and start with the 911 GT3 RS (997).
Can you tell which one is from 7Eleven Taiwan and which one is from SunKus Japan?

Hard to tell from a distance but a closer look will reveal some differences.

On the left is the new 7eleven version, on the right is the older SunKus version. The headlights look better on the PaoFeng edition, as well as the wipers. The Porsche crest however is way too big and the side mirrors appears to be too small.

The wheels on the PaoFeng feel slightly more detailed, the spokes have more substance and look less flat than the Kyosho’s. Same remark on the door handle.

The stance of the PaoFeng is definitely wrong here, this may have to do with the fact that the model comes in a kit as we’ve seen pictures of the same model with a correct stance.

Next up is the 911 Speedster (997):

The blue version is from 7eleven and the white one from SunKus Porsche Collection 5.

The interior is sharper on the PaoFeng but once again the side mirrors are tiny.

Both have the same stance. The headlights on the PaoFeng are too large. And the crest is way too big again. Do they have an issue with tiny tampos?

Well it seems not since the ‘Speedster’ tampo at the rear is very small… seemingly too small. The rear lights however are much better on the PaoFeng.

On the 911 GT2 RS (997), the differences are easier to spot:

Silver is 7eleven, white is SunKus Porsche Collection 6.

Again, big headlights, big crest, tiny side mirrors. Overall the older version from SunKus is cleaner and more accurate.

Both look good though.

The 911 Turbo (991/1) :

As you can see the wheels of the 7eleven version (yellow) are clearly wrong.

But this time the headlights seems to be the right size while they are apparently too large on the SunKus Porsche Collection 6 ! The side mirrors are fine but the crest too big as usual. That was probably made on purpose on every car.

PaoFeng did the rear wiper, nice touch.

Finally let’s look at the 911 Turbo 3.3 (930) :

It may be because of the shape of the real car but both look extremely good.

Just by looking at this huge crest you can tell the black one is from PaoFeng. Although the headlights are different I am not sure which one is more accurate.

See what’s missing on the SunKus Porsche Collection 6? Twin exhaust !

The bases bear some differences too :

Conclusion : looking good overall, it is not too difficult to spot inaccuracies on these 1/64 Porsche models by Kyosho and PaoFeng. But on a few occasions they have better details than the older versions Kyosho made for SunKus. If you already own the SunKus editions you definitely don’t need them, but if not you shouldn’t be disappointed by these 7eleven Taiwan exclusives.

Thanks again to Ben Kiehn for the pictures and detailed comparison !