News : Tomica Gozen Collection

After last year’s quite popular (and awfully distributed) Bushou Collection, bringing the most famous Japanese warlords to the Tomica world, Tohan and TakaraTomy are ready to introduce a very similar collection for 2017.

Influent historical women from the Sengoku period are the theme of the Gozen Collection. As with the Bushou collection, a new car will be released every two months exclusively through Tohan’s selected book stores.

The first car comes with a collection box with six slots that allows to store or display the entire collection neatly.

January : Ii Naotora (Tommykaira ZZ)

March : Oichinokata (Nissan Cima)

May : Nene (Nissan Fairlady Z)

July : Yodo-dono (Nissan Skyline)

September : Oeyo (Toyota Crown)

November : Hosokawa Garasha (Daihatsu Copen)

Let’s hope that the distribution is better handled this time to allow more people to complete their collection without having to hunt them down on the after market.