Gallery : Tomica Thunderbirds Classic

For the older generations that didn’t watched the CG reboot last year Tomica is finally giving us the classic Thunderbirds ships that we remember.

Thunderbird 1

tbc-tb1-00 tbc-tb1-01 tbc-tb1-02

Thunderbird 2

tbc-tb2-00 tbc-tb2-01 tbc-tb2-02

Thunderbird 3

tbc-tb3-00 tbc-tb3-01 tbc-tb3-02

Thunderbird 4

tbc-tb4-00 tbc-tb4-01 tbc-tb4-02

Thunderbird 5

tbc-tb5-00 tbc-tb5-01 tbc-tb5-02

The Fab1 and the Jet Mole are coming soon.