Gallery : 7eleven Star Cars Set #2

Back in November 2015 the 7eleven stores in Japan released special editions of some Star Cars models. In July 2016 they did it again !

C3PO (The Force Awakens Version)

Kilo Ren (Starkiller Base Version)

First Order Stormtrooper Ad Truck (The Force Awakens Version)



Gallery : Tomica July 2016 releases

A lot of releases in July and a new record for the fastest selling Tomica in Tokyo. The new Honda Civic was sold out in a couple of hours. Consider yourself lucky if you managed to secure the black first release limited version. The white version should be re-released soon but the black version is definitively gone and already sells at a high price on the after market.

Tomica #76 Honda Civic Type R

Tomica #76 Honda Civic Type R (first release limited color)

Tomica #99 Toyota Sienta

Aeon Tuning Car Series #27 Nissan Fairlady Z Nismo RC Edition

Apita World Flag Collection #20 Toyota 2000 GT Singapore

Toys R Us Toyota 86 Autobacs Racing

Tomica Shop Mazda Roadster

Jeep Wrangler 75th Anniversary (Dealer Edition)
This not for sale exclusive limited edition (7500 pcs) is given away at the Jeep dealerships through a lottery campaign only.

Tomica Premium #17 Honda S2000 Type S

Tomica Premium #18 Mitsubishi GTO Twin Turbo

Dream Tomica #170 Initial D S13 Silvia

Cars C-25 Rip Clutchgoneski (Standard)

Cars C-26 Lewis Hamilton (Standard)

Cars C-28 Matter (Tokyo Race)

Star Cars SC-02 BB-8 Scooter

Star Cars SC-05 R2-D2 Scooter

Disney Motors Good Day Carry Alice Through the Looking Glass

Tomica Shop Dream Carry Special 39



News : Kyosho Nismo Collection

Kyosho is back with a new lottery similar to what they did with the McLaren collection. Prizes include 1/64, 1/43 and 1/16 RC models as follow :

First prize : Gift set of two 1/43 Nissan Concept Vision Gran Turismo.

Second prize : Gift set of four Nismo 1/64 models.


Regular prize : one 1/64 models from this lineup (Nismo 400R; GT-R Nismo GT3; GT-R Nismo N-attack Package; Nismo R34 GT-R Z-tune)


Special prize :  1/16 RC GT-R Nismo GT-3


The lottery will launch on August 2nd.

Gallery : 7eleven Disney Motors Alice Through The Looking Glass

Released exclusively in 7eleven stores in Japan to celebrate the new movie.

Chim Chim Alice

Tap Cheshire Cat

Highhat Mad Hatter


News : Tomica Event Models 2016 Part 2

The second batch of Tomica Event Model 2016 will be available at the Yokohama Expo next month.

#21 Toyota Alphard Taxi

#22 Hitachi CM Rigid Dump

#23 Lamborghini Countach LP400

#24 Mazda Roadster

#25 Jeep Wrangler Patrol Car

#26 Nissan Skyline 2000GT-R Racing

#27 Lexus IS F CCS-R

As well as two new Dream Tomica Anpanman and Dokinchan
dtanpanman dtdokinchan

The previous 2016 TEM released at the Osaka Expo in April should also be available at the Yokohama, in lower quantities.

#15 TDM Suimax MB

#16 Subaru WRX STI Type S

#17 Volkswagen The Beetle

#18 Frozen Tuna Truck

#19 Nissan Silvia

#20 Subaru Sambar Tomica Expo Curry

Long #3 Cadillac Escalade

Event Special TDM Suimax

Tomica Factory #15 Nissan Skyline GT-R R32

Tomica Factory #16 Nissan NV350 Caravan

Tomica Factory #17 Isuzu Bonnet Bus

829 Japan will report on the event starting August 11th and will have a few TEM for sale.



Gallery : Tomytec 1/64 July 2016 releases

The Skyline ER34 is finally here ! Three different police versions this time, the civilian version will be released in September.

LV-25c Isuzu Hillman Minx Super Deluxe

LV-25d Isuzu Hillman Minx Super Deluxe

LV-N126a Nissan Skyline 25GT-X Investigation Car

LV-N127a Nissan Skyline 25GT Turbo Patrol Car

Abunai Deka #04 Nissan Skyline GT

Abunai Deka #05 Nissan Leopard Ultima

Abunai Deka #06 Nissan Leopard Ultima



Gallery : Disney Motors Finding Dory

With every new Disney movie comes new Disney Motors cars.

Chim Chim Otter

Cubit Nemo

Highhat Dory

Lagoon Wagon Destiny

Worm’n Hank

Good Day Carry Finding Dory