Gallery : Tomytec April 2016 releases

Nothing really new this month from Tomytec, but interesting color variations for models we already know.

LV-157a Suzuki Fronte SS360 1969

LV-157b Suzuki Fronte SS360 1969

LV-N106c Toyota Supra 2.0 Twin Turbo Black Limited 1988

LV-N106d Toyota Supra 3.0 GT Turbo 1986

Japanese Car Era Vol.08 Suzuki Fronte SS360 ‘Motorway of the Sun’ Test Car

This car was driven by Stirling Moss in 1968 over the 750km of the Autostrada A1 in Italy, connecting Milan to Napoli. The car achieved an average speed of 124.44 km/h, which was quite fast forĀ a kei car at the time. It was accompagnied by a yellow Fronte driven by Mitsuo Itoh.