Gallery : Tomica Kuji 20

Great idea and great execution for this Kuji collection ! The theme allows for disparate cars and TakaraTomy really scratched their heads to provide unique variants of well known models.

Daihatsu Copen Soba Quick Delivery

Ford Focus RS500 Private Investigator Agency

Ford Mustang GT V8 Locksmith Emergency Service

Lamborghini Murcielago LP640 Shinsoku Idaten Taxi

Lotus Evora GTE Utsuro City Fire Department Command Car

Lotus Exige R-GT Newspaper Delivery

Mitsuoka Orochi Intervention Division

Nissan Fairlady Z Utsuro Farm Milk Delivery

Nissan GT-R Utsuro City Patrol Car

Toyota 2000GT Driving School

And the box looks good too.