Gallery : Tomytec February 2016 releases

Tomytec introduces the Abunai Deka line and that’s a good excuse for more GT-R.

Nissan is a sponsor of the show once again and released a short video showing all the Nissan cars featured in the movie. You can see the R34 there and many cars we would be happy to see made by Tomytec

LV-156a Alfa Romeo GT 1600 Junior

LV-156b Alfa Romeo GT 1600 Junior

LV-N116a Nissan GT-R Premium Edition

LV-N117a Nissan GT-R Premium Edition 45th Anniversary

LV-N118a Nissan Leopard Ultima 1987

LV-N118b Nissan Leopard Ultima 1987

Abunai Deka #01 Nissan GT-R Premium Edition

Abunai Deka #02 Nissan Leopard