Gallery : Tomica February 2016 releases

The Mazda Roadster and Nissan Skyline are stealing the show this month !

Tomica #26 Mazda Roadster

Tomica #26 Mazda Roadster (first release limited color)

Tomica #109 Volkswagen Polo Police Car

Tomica Premium #11 Nissan Skyline GT-R V-Spec II Nur

Tomica Premium #12 Toyota Celica GT-Four

Disney Motors Chim Chim Minnie Mouse White Day Edition

More Disney Motors models are coming soon and will be added to this page.


Gallery : Tomytec February 2016 releases

Tomytec introduces the Abunai Deka line and that’s a good excuse for more GT-R.

Nissan is a sponsor of the show once again and released a short video showing all the Nissan cars featured in the movie. You can see the R34 there and many cars we would be happy to see made by Tomytec

LV-156a Alfa Romeo GT 1600 Junior

LV-156b Alfa Romeo GT 1600 Junior

LV-N116a Nissan GT-R Premium Edition

LV-N117a Nissan GT-R Premium Edition 45th Anniversary

LV-N118a Nissan Leopard Ultima 1987

LV-N118b Nissan Leopard Ultima 1987

Abunai Deka #01 Nissan GT-R Premium Edition

Abunai Deka #02 Nissan Leopard


News : Tomica Kuji #20

We have more details about the theme of the next Tomica Kuji (blind-boxes) collection coming in March.

What if all companies or organizations used sports cars for their daily activities? Tomica applied this idea to the fictional city of Utsuro. Catch a taxi ride in a Lamborghini Murcielago or learn to drive in a Toyota 2000GT while the newspaper is delivered by a Lotus Exige.

Toyota 2000GT Driving School

Lotus Exige R-GT Newspaper Delivery

Nissan GT-R Utsuro City Patrol Car

Nissan Fairlady Z Utsuro Farm Milk Delivery

Ford Focus RS500 Private Investigator Agency

Lotus Evora GTE Utsuro City Fire Department Command Car

Lamborghini Murcielago LP640 Taxi

Daihatsu Copen Soba Quick Delivery

Mitsuoka Orochi Intervention Division

Ford Mustang GT V8 Locksmith Emergency Service

This collection will be released in Japan on March 19th.


Gallery : Dream Tomica Hello Kitty Collection

This very nice collection has been released last week-end and is already a best seller!


The collection is sold in complete set of six, or individually (blind box).

The decorations are quite interesting and very well executed.




News : Kyosho 1/64 Fiat 500 Minicar Collection

Next month Kyosho and SunKus are coming back to the good old blind box system. But this time there is only two different cars in the collection : the good old Fiat 500F and the new Fiat 500. Both cars will be available in four colors for a total of 8 variants.


The online exclusive will be the accurately named Shocking Pink Fiat 500.