Gallery : Kyosho 1/64 McLaren Collection

Here is the new Kyosho x SunKus collection, introducing a new lottery system. We now have more details on it. As we reported before the collection includes 4 different 1/64 McLaren cars in two colors, a special set of the 4 cars in matte black and a 1/18 Lamborghini Veneno.

The cars are quite nice, with a level of detail you would expect from Kyosho. There is not many McLaren cars at this scale and it’s always good to see new models. The cars come with a card as before.

Now let’s talk about the lottery system and the changes it means for the Kyosho 1/64 collectors.

Each SunKus stores participating in the operation (roughly 1 out of 5, finding a store carrying the cars is already a game in the game) receive a bundle of 60 prizes. The breakdown is as follow : 1 x 1/18 Lamborghini Veneno; 3 x Set of 4 McLaren cars; 7 x each of the 8 different 1/64 McLaren car.

Statistically, by buying one ticket there is 1.7% chance to get the 1/18 Lamborghini, 5% chance to get the special set and 93.7% chance to get a McLaren car. However there is only 11.7% chance to get the car we have our eyes on, and each time we get one car the odds to get the same one increase dramatically.

This makes this system really inconvenient to collect a full set. Buying just 8 tickets has only 1.5% chance to result in 8 different cars, meaning we have to buy more tickets and inevitably get many duplicates. That was already the case before with the blind boxes but buying a sealed case of 20 cars online would guarantee 20 unique cars and no duplicates, making it easier to look for the 4 remaing cars to complete a set. Since Circle K Online (ex Karuwaza) do not sell McLaren cases the only way to get them is to find the right store and buy more cars than necessary to complete a set. In our experience we had to buy 20 tickets to get the 8 cars, and we were not lucky enough to score the special set or the 1/18 Lamborghini. Much random. Not much fun.