News : Kyosho 1/64 McLaren and new SunKus Lottery system

Kyosho and SunKus finally revealed their new plans for 2016, and changed the blind boxes system to a lottery system.


Starting January 5th customers at SunKus stores will be able to buy a ticket for the new McLaren collection. This ticket gives one chance at drawing a random card and win the according prize. Of course there is only one A prize and many more of the less valuable prizes. Although it relies purely on luck, statistically there will be much more chances to get a J prize than the A prize. We can break down the prizes from “super rare” to “common” like this :

A Prize (super rare) : 1/18 Lamborghini Veneno


B Prize (very rare) : 1/64 McLaren Gift Set


C Prize (common) : 1/64 McLaren 12C (orange)


D Prize (common) : 1/64 McLaren 12C (silver)


E Prize (common) : 1/64 McLaren 12C GT3 (orange)


F Prize (common) : 1/64 McLaren 12C GT3 (black)


G Prize (common) : 1/64 McLaren P1 (yellow)


H Prize (common) : 1/64 McLaren P1 (red)


I Prize (common) : 1/64 McLaren 650S Coupe (blue)


J Prize (common) : 1/64 McLaren 650S Coupe (yellow)


Additionaly there will be a special edition of the McLaren 12C GT3. No information about how to get this one yet, but it will probably be a mail-in reward.


So far there is no information about an online store release, that was previously the only way to buy cases with no duplicates. If Karuwaza online stop selling Kyosho cases it will become extremely difficult to get the cars we want through the new lottery system. For example, the only chance to get the yellow P1 will be to draw a G prize card amongst as many C, D, E, F, H and J cards.

We will watch how popular this system turns out to be but we really wish to see the full set on sale directly on Circle K’s online store.