Gallery : TDR 2016 Special Edition

The Tokyo Disney Resort is celebrating 2016 with a set of Special Edition Tomica models.

Disney Resort Cruiser 2016

Midtown Cab 2016

Grand Circuit Raceway 2016



Gallery : Tomica Star Cars Wave 2

The second wave of Star Cars comes right on time for the new Star Wars movie.

SC-06 Kilo Ren

SC-07 First Order Stormtrooper

SC-08 Captain Phasma

SC-09 BB-8

SC-10 Chewbacca



Gallery : Tomica December 2015 releases

Last releases before 2016 !

#72 Hino S’elega JR Bus Tohoku (Komachi Color)

#84 Toyota Vellfire

#84 Toyota Vellfire (first release limited color)

#124 Keihan Railway Tomas the Tank Engine 2015

TakaraTomy Mall Mitsuoka Orochi

Glory of the GT-R Gift Set

TSW-09 First Order Tie Fighter


Disney Motors Popuet Valentine Edition

Dream Tomica Snoopy Flying Ace





News : Enif 1/64 Toyota Crown Athlete

A new player in the 1/64 scene is coming next year. The small Japanese maker ENIF launched by Kid Box in 2011 produced highly detailed 1/43 cars and is now looking into the 1/64.

Their first release will be the Toyota Crown Athlete in six colors.

ENIF60001 ENIF60001-3

ENIF60005 ENIF60005-3

ENIF60002 ENIF60002-3

ENIF60003 ENIF60003-3

ENIF60004 ENIF60004-3

ENIF60006 ENIF60006-3

The level of detail seems to be pretty high and overall slighlty better than the Kyosho version. We will know for sure in February.



News : Kyosho 1/64 Initial D Legend Collection

In January Kyosho and SunKus will release a special Initial D minicar collection to celebrate the third episode of the Legend movie series.

The collection includes the yellow FD3S RX-7, the black Skyline BNR32 and the white FC3S RX-7 as well as a special Toyota 86.


The online exclusive will be another version of the Toyota 86.


This car ran in the TRD Rally Challenge last month.




Gallery : Tomytec December 2015 releases

Tomytec ends the year in a firework of nice items !

LV-154a Alfa Romeo GT1300 Junior

LV-154b Alfa Romeo GT1300 Junior

LV-N81c Audi 80 2.0E (Europe)

LV-N93c BMW 325i 4 door

LV-N113a BMW 325i 2 door Patrol Car

LV-N114a Audi 80 2.E German Police

Nissan Concept 2020 Vision Gran Turismo

Nissan Concept 2020 Vision Gran Turismo

Seibu Keisatsu #19 Nissan Safari 4WD


Gallery : 7eleven TsumTsum Christmas 2015

7eleven stores in Japan are celebrating the holidays with a special edition set of Tomica Tsum Tsum models.

Christmas Mickey Mouse Tsum Top

Christmas Minnie Mouse Tsum

Christmas Pluto Tsum



1/64 Nissan GT-R : Oversteer versus Tomytec

Now that the Oversteer Nissan GT-R is available it’s time to put it against the Tomytec version.

Note that they are not exactly the same models. Oversteer is a 2014 edition while the Tomytec is a 2013 N-Attack Package edition, and both being very accurate to their real counterparts you will see differences in bodywork.

Packaging :


Two completely different styles of packaging. Oversteer’s signature bright green box with large acrylic display case and base is certainly more appealing than the sober Tomytec packaging.

Body :

Both are very well made for such a small scale. The N-Attack version by Tomytec has a lower stance and higher rear wing as it should.


Details :

Now this is where Oversteer excels and put a lot of efforts into. But Tomytec’s GT-R is one of their finest model. On a close inspection the main difference is decals versus photo-etched parts for the emblems. Tomytec’s decals are sharp but look dull compared to the photo-etched emblems Oversteer uses. The drawback with photo-etched parts is that they seem to be very difficult to apply properly and can be slightly crooked on some models.

The wheels are similar in construction with rubber tires but Tomytec’GT-R are better looking thanks to the visible brake calipers.


The front lights are better made on the Oversteer version, the plastic used is clearer and the sculpt more detailed. They also put a bit of orange paint to mark the signal light. The windshield wipers are inexplicably missing on the Tomytec.


Finally, Oversteer put chrome stickers on the side mirrors, and that looks way better. The defogger conductors are a very nice addition on the rear window of the Oversteer, but are opaque. It would have been perfect if slightly transparent.


Price :

The fact that Oversteer’s GT-R is slightly cheaper than Tomytec’s is worth mentionning. And it comes with a nice acrylic case as a bonus.

Overall :

Hard to chose a winner in this comparison, both makers are delivering the most advanced and accurate models at this scale. No matter which one you get you will be blown away by the quality of these tiny cars. That said, Oversteer puts more attention to micro-details than any other maker and it shows once more on this GT-R.