Gallery : TDR Christmas 2015

Christmas is already raging at the Tokyo Disney Resort, with tons of memorabilia on sale including the usual Tomica cars.




News : Machined Aluminium Tomica

TakaraTomy in collaboration with Iriso Seimitsu, a specialist in precision metal machining, is going to release a very limited edition of an ultra-detailed aluminium Millenium Falcon Tomica.


With only 76mm long and 56mm high for a height of 15mm, this tiny reproduction is highly accurate. The new sensor dish that appears in The Force Awakens movie is faithfully reproduced, as well as the gun turret.

tomalu-fm02 tomalu-fm03

A nice storage box and an aluminium base will be included.

This Alumi kezuri dashi Tomica will be made to order only. Preorders will close on December 22nd and delivery is expected in April 2016.


If you are thinking about getting one you’d better start saving : retail price for this highly collectible item is set at 216 000 JPY (around USD 1,800).