News : Mazda Dealership 1/64 Collection Gift Set

Mazda is currently running a test drive campaign in Japan and is offering a special gift set to the first lucky people who made it.

The set includes the full line-up of current Mazda cars : Demio, Axela, Atenza, CX-3, CX-5 and Roadster in the signature Mazda soul red color.

gift-prize-figure1 gift-prize-figure2

gift-prize-figure3 gift-prize-figure4

gift-prize-figure5 gift-prize-figure6

Although we could not confirm it yet, it seems like those models are from Oversteer. In any case they are highly detailed and attractive.

This gift set is unfortunately not for sale but the cars are likely to be individually available at Mazda dealerships in 2016. More information as soon as possible.