Gallery : 7eleven Tomica Star Cars

With the start of a Star Wars themed campaign 7eleven stores in Japan are selling Star Wars goods including these exclusives 7eleven Star Cars.

Darth Vader Ad Truck (Saga version)

Shadow Stormtrooper




News : Oversteer 1/64 Mazda Atenza Sedan and Wagon

More awesome Mazda cars are coming from Oversteer. The Atenza Sedan, so far exclusively available in the Mazda gift set will get a regular release as well as the new Wagon version.

ove164-mazatesed2 ove164-mazatewag2

Eight colors to choose from :

Soul Red Premium Metallic


Blue Reflex Mica


Titanium Flash Mica


Deep Crystal Blue Mica


Snow Flake White Pearl Mica


Meteor Gray Mica


Sonic Silver Metallic


Jet Black Mica


Coming late December.

ove164-mazatesed1 ove164-mazatewag1



Gallery : TDR Screen Debut 2015 Special Tomica

To celebrate the 87th anniversary Steamboat Willie, the first cartoon by Walt Disney introducing Mickey and Minnie Mouse, the Tokyo Disney Resort released two limited edition Tomicas.

Screen Debut 11/18/1928 Mickey’s Roadster

Screen Debut 11/18/1928 Minnie’s Convertible




Gallery : Tomica November 2015 releases

Only two new cars this month but many exclusives from the usual retailers.

Tomica #12 Toyota Alphard (first release limited color)

Tomica #12 Toyota Alphard

Tomica #31 Toyota FJ Cruiser Patrol Car

Disney Motors DM-14 Dream Carry

Thunderbird #08 Pod1 The Mole

Tomica Star Wars #08 Millennium Falcon (The Force Awaken version)

Tomica Shop Mercedes-Benz Citaro Bus

Tomica Shop Not For Sale Lotus Exige

TakaraTomy Mall Not For Sale Lamborghini Countach LP400

Toys R Us Lexus Gazoo Racing Transporter

Aeon Tuning Car Series #23 Suzuki Hustler Roadbike Style edition

Apita World Flag Toyota 2000GT Switzerland Flag




Gallery : Mazda Dealership 1/64 Gift Set

Thanks to informations from Eric we were able to put our hands on the 1/64 gift set from Mazda quite quickly.


This set was on presale at the Tokyo Motor Show and will certainly hit the Mazda dealerships after the test drive campaign is over. The Axela, Atenza and Demio previously released by Oversteer are already sold at Mazda dealerships as official merchandise.







Produced by Mazda, the name Oversteer in not mentionned anywhere on the box or the model, but those are definitively coming from the same factory. I guess we can call them “Oversteer OEM”.

And just like every Oversteer model released so far, those cars are amazingly detailed and accurate. They look ever better in hand than in pictures. Really impressive job.







Here are two shots of the Oversteer Azela sport and the Mazda Dealership version side by side. As you can see they are exactly the same.


We love this set and can’t wait to see more colors for the cars. Personnaly looking forward a white Roadster !




Gallery : Tomytec November releases

Just as last month, Tomytec 1/64 scale November releases are 100% Nissan.

LV-N111a Nissan Skyline 2000 Turbo GT-ES

LV-N111b Nissan Skyline 280D GT-L Type Catalog version

Ogikubo Damashi Vol.4 Nissan Skyline 2000 Turbo GT-ES Test Car Prototype

LV-N101c Nissan GT-R Nismo N-Attack Package

LV-N101d Nissan GT-R Nismo N-Attack Package Nurburgring Time Attack version

The paintjob on this car is really impressive.






News : Mazda Dealership 1/64 Collection Gift Set

Mazda is currently running a test drive campaign in Japan and is offering a special gift set to the first lucky people who made it.

The set includes the full line-up of current Mazda cars : Demio, Axela, Atenza, CX-3, CX-5 and Roadster in the signature Mazda soul red color.

gift-prize-figure1 gift-prize-figure2

gift-prize-figure3 gift-prize-figure4

gift-prize-figure5 gift-prize-figure6

Although we could not confirm it yet, it seems like those models are from Oversteer. In any case they are highly detailed and attractive.

This gift set is unfortunately not for sale but the cars are likely to be individually available at Mazda dealerships in 2016. More information as soon as possible.


News : SunKus x F-Toys GT-R collection

While we are waiting for Kyosho to reveal their next SunKus collection (rumoured to be McLaren), Circle K just announced that they will release an exclusive 1/64 collection in SunKus stores from F-Toys in January 2016. In the same fashion as with the past Kyosho collections, this Super GT500 GT-R collection will have an online exclusive car as well.


2014 Calsonic Impul GT-R
2014 Motul Autech GT-R
2014 D’station Advan GT-R
2014 S Road Mola GT-R
2015 Calsonic Impul GT-R
2015 Motul Autech GT-R
2015 D’station Advan GT-R
2015 S Road Mola GT-R

The online exclusive will be the 2014 Motul Autech GT-R that paraded at the Nismo Festival (the only differences are the number and a sign on the rear window).


Kyosho already stated that “things will change” with their SunKus collections in 2016 and this new partnership between SunKus and F-Toys might be the first step in that direction. While we are waiting for more informations (that should arrive in December), we can speculate about the future of Kyosho’s SunKus collections. Re-runs of old series? F-Toys and Kyosho series in alternance? Change to lottery system? Or not much change at all? We’ll wait and see.