News : Kyosho 1/64 Volkswagen Collection 2

Finally some news from Kyosho, but nothing really exciting.

The old Volkswagen 1/64 models from 2008 are coming back to SunKus stores.

Kyo-VW2-01 Kyo-VW2-02

The Golf R and The Beetle are the only new cars of the collection.

This time there will be 27 different models : the 24 pictured above, the usual secret car and two rare versions of the Type 2 with black roof.


The Karuwaza exclusive car will be The Beetle in matte black.

Kyo-VW2-06 Kyo-VW2-07

The SunKus Volkswagen Minicar Collection 2 will be released in August.

These models should be sold in Europe at the same time under the brand Solido.