Event Report : Shizuoka Hobby Show 2015 – Tomytec

Last year Tomytec took everyone by surprise with the Nismo GT-R. This year they did it again with some very unanticipated and beautiful models !

The most interesting one is the Nissan Vision GT 2020 Concept GranTurismo.


Designed as a virtual concept car for the videogame Gran Turismo last year, Nissan built a real version recently. After the IDx this is the second Nissan concept car that Tomytec reduce to 1/64 scale, and we hope that more will come from different manufacturers. Release date to be announced.

The other big suprise comes in three : the Alfa Romeo 1750GTV, GT1300 Junior and GT1600 Junior.

SHS15-TLV-ALF-1750GT-01 SHS15-TLV-ALF-1750GT-02

All foreign cars TLV have a big success and those three will certainly be very popular with such an attention to detail. Release date to be announced.

Tomytec also revealed prototypes of the Nissan Skyline 2000 4 door Sedan at a very early stage.

SHS15-TLV-NIS-2000GT-02 SHS15-TLV-NIS-2000GT-03

Different headlights are being worked on. Release date : October 2015

More Nismo GT-R are coming with a black version and the Time Attack version. Release date to be announced.


The prototype of the Nissan GT-R 2014 was also displayed. Release date to be announced.


More Nissan cars with the prototypes of the Silvia Turbo Silhouette (S12 and S110). Release date to be announced.


The models scheduled for June and July were also on display, but we saw them already. Let’s take a look at the models coming later revealed at the show.

LV-153 Nissan Skyline. Release date : August 2015.


LV-N108 Toyota Crown Custom. Release date : August 2015.

SHS15-TLV-N108a SHS15-TLV-N108b

LV-N89c Hino HE366 Transporter. Release date : September 2015.


LV-N109a Nissan Safari. Release date : September 2015.


LV-75b Nissan 3.5 tons Truck (Nissan Service). Release date : October 2015.


LV-80b Nissan 3.5 tons Truck. Release date : October 2015.


Nissan Prairie. Release date : October 2015.


Tomytec didn’t forget to bring the new Volkswagen ChoroQ Zero to the show :

SHS15-CQ-01 SHS15-CQ-02

That’s it for Tomytec coverage, more is coming soon !