News 1/43 – 1/18 : Kyosho x Ignition Model new line !

Kyosho and TK Company (Ignition Model) teamed up to launch a new line of high-end 1/43 and 1/18 scale resin models : Headliner.

Kyosho will take care of the rights and licensing while TK Company will manage production and distribution (i.e. preorders). Ignition Model already proved they are the best 1/43 maker today and the Headliner models will without any doubt fall in the same category of ultra detailled and astounding replicas.

The Headliner line will consist exclusively of non-japanese cars, with a focus on historic rally and racing cars. Similarly to Ignition Model, real cars are 3D scanned using the latest technologies and replicas are hand made in very low quantities (a couple of hundred at best) with an uncompromising quality control.

The first car to be released in december will be the Alpine A110. Both 1800 rally car and 1600S street car will be available in different versions.

#15, #18 or #21 for the 1800 Monte Carlo 1973 version.

HL143_hl0800-1 HL143_hl0800-2 HL143_hl0801-1 HL143_hl0801-2 HL143_hl0802-1 HL143_hl0802-2

Blue, white or red for the 1600S version

HL143_hl0809-1 HL143_hl0809-2 HL143_hl0810-1 HL143_hl0810-2 HL143_hl0811-1 HL143_hl0811-2


The second car scheduled for March 2016 is the Renault 5 Maxi Turbo, plain red version or the Tour de Corse 1985 #3 version.

HL143_hl0821-2 HL143_hl0821-3


At 1/18 scale, Headliner is working on a Lancia Stratos HF from Monte Carlo 1977, Safari 1977 and Sanremo 1978 rally races.

HL118_hl0824-2 HL118_hl0824-3


Early prototypes will be on display at the coming Shizuoka Hobby Show 2015. 829 Japan will once again provide a full report of the event, stay tuned !

Photos credits : Headliner Model