News : Tomica Disney TsumTsum Line

TakaraTomy just unveiled the new “TsumTsum” line with a dedicated page on their website (you can check it out here).

TsumTsum is originally a puzzle game for smartphones where the player has to stack ball shaped Disney characters.  The game spawned a lot of goods, from plushes to keychains, and it makes sense that Tomica would jump on the bandwagon.


The designers at Tomica decided to add the “stacking” play value to their new line and developped two different types of TsumTsum Tomica : The ‘base’ type and the ‘top’ type.


The base type models are all identical in shape, with different colors and decoration for each character depicted. They look like a van and feature 4 notches on the top to hold the wheels of other TsumTsum Tomica and allow the player to stack them in columns or pyramids.


The top type, like the name suggest, can only be placed on top of the stack. Those look much more like a TsumTsum character in Tomica form, with more details and unique features like ears and hats.


The “TsumTop”, as they are called, also carry a number like the Disney Motors models (DMT for Disney Motors TsumTsum), while the base type “TsumTsum” do not. This clearly indicates that the “TsumTop” will be the main collection, and the base “TsumTsum” mostly a nice support sub-collection.

Take a look at some exemple of stacks. This is totally cute and this line will without any doubts appeal to Disney Tomica collectors as well as ‘kawaii’ characters enthusiasts.

tsu3 tsu1  tsu2tsu4


The Tomica TsumTsum line will launch April 25th. The first wave will consist of :


DMT-01 TsumTop Mickey Mouse


DMT-02 TsumTop Donald Duck


DMT-03 TsumTop Marie


TsumTsum Chip


TsumTsum Dumbo


TsumTsum Minnie Mouse


TsumTsum Winnie the Pooh


TsumTsum Daisy Duck

You can place a preorder on the 829 Japan Shop for the complete set of 8, only the 3 TsumTop models, or only the 5 base TsumTsum models.