News : Kyosho 1/64 Bentley Minicar Collection

Kyosho continue its collaboration with the SunKus stores in 2015. After recycling old models with the Skyline & GT-R Neo collection, the Japanese brand is ready to introduce brand new cars with the Bentley Minicar Collection in March.


This collection includes 8 models as usual, but only 2 different colors instead of 3 like in the previous collections. There will be a secret model for a total of 16 different cars (probably a blank version of the Continental GT3).

The case will include 15 boxes and should include one of each model (and the secret version eventually) making it easier to complete the collection.


Circle K Online (ex Karuwaza Online) will once again sell their exclusive version of a car : the matte black Continental Supersports.


It is interesting to see Kyosho/SunKus changing the format of their collections and we are wondering if it has something to do with the exclusive deal between MCG (Maisto/Bburago) and Ferrari. If the collection in April is not Ferrari 10 Neo, that would definitively mean that Kyosho’s trick to sell unassembled Ferrari models like they did when Mattel had the exclusive Ferrari license no longer works…