News : Oversteer’s GT-R painted pre-production samples

When both Tomytec and Oversteer announced they planned a GT-R Nismo for 2015 at the All Japan Model & Hobby Show, we knew the battle between two of the best 1/64 diecast makers would be ferocious.

On the red corner Tomytec, who is delivering very high quality minicars with its Tomica Limited Vintage line for 10 years already. On the blue corner Oversteer, the rookie who just stepped in one year ago but already scored astounding achievements with only 3 releases.

Tomytec recently unveiled the painted pre-production samples of its GT-R, and many collectors were wondering how Oversteer could top that. The answer is : like this !


This is another beautiful replica of the GT-R Nismo, and it will be tough to say which one is the more accurate. What we can already tell now is that Oversteer offers more choice with 5 colors just for the GT-R Nismo against only 2 for Tomytec.

1501-ovegtrblk1 1501-ovegtrred1 1501-ovegtrblk3 1501-ovegtrred3 1501-ovegtrslv1 1501-ovegtrwht1 1501-ovegtrslv3 1501-ovegtrwht3

As for the details, it’s hard to tell on pictures of painted prototypes. We will have to wait for a side by side comparison in February when both final versions of the cars are available.

It seems like Oversteer will go with micro photo-etched parts again for the Nissan logos after trying it succesfully on the Mazda Roadster RS, and as always chrome stickers on the side mirrors.

1501-ovegtrblk2 1501-ovegtrred2 1501-ovegtrslv2 1501-ovegtrwht2

Your move, Tomytec !