Gallery : Tomytec November releases

Tomytec’s items came in early this month. The updated IDx Freeflow is here. The TownAce are superb and the Tram massive. The Seibu Keisatsu Super Z attention to detail is really impressive. As usual fantastic work from Tomytec !

Nissan IDx Freeflow (Auto Salon 2014 version)


This one is the version that was on display at the Auto Salon 2014. The front grill is different from the version on display at the Tokyo Motor Show 2013.


LV-N96a/b Toyota Town Ace


Just fantastic, and so tiny at 1/64 scale ! The only thing that bothers me is the big inside center support for the back window, too visible.


LV-146a Hiroshima Electric Railways 750 Tramway


This Tramway was first released in the Seibu Keisatsu line, however this one features a few modifications like wipers and cooling system, that were different on the older version destroyed in the show.


Seibu Keisatsu #16  Super Z


We’ve already seen the iconic Super Z in the Tomytec Seibu Keisatsu line, but this one is actualy… a fake ! Taken from episode 14 of Part III, this car was actually built by criminals who stole the blueprint of the real Super Z. Of course the real one took care of the impostor. This release might look like Tomytec is taking it easy, but fans are welcoming this ‘new’ model. Many actually bought 2 pieces of the original Super Z just to recreate the chase between the two cars in this episode. And it looks so good that a re-edition is not a problem.