Gallery : Tomica November releases

The new #86 is the Honda CR-Z Safety Car version. This car is currently used at the Twin Ring Motegi race track.



The new #57 is a Suzuki Carry Mobile Catering Truck. The regular version is a Kebab shop.


The limited version is an Ice Cream shop. Usually the limited version is just a different color, but this one has different tampos, stickers and parts (the big ice cream).


Now let’s take a look at the exclusives models. This month the four usual stores providing regular Tomica exclusives had their own model on sale.

The Tomica Shop new exclusive model is a black Cadillac Escalade.



The 17th model in the Tuning Car Series from Aeon is the Honda N-One Owner’s Cup version.


Apita keeps going with the World Flag Collection 2000GT. This time it’s the Philippines flag.


Finally, Toys R Us released a new truck from Calsonic Team Impul. The trailer is the same as last year’s exclusive but the truck is blue this time. Next January the Nissan GT-R from the same racing team will follow.


You can contact us for help with the Tomica Shop Escalade and the Apita Philippines flag, Unfortunately Aeon’s N-One and the Toys R Us Calsonic truck are already sold out.

Review : Oversteer 1/64 Mazda Roadster 2013 (MX-5)

In 2013 Interallied (distributor of the high-grade 1/43 lines Hi-Story and Modeller’s in Japan) launched a new 1/64 scale line that aimed to compete with the top brands Tomytec and Kyosho : Oversteer. Their first release was a highly detailed Toyota 86GT, slightly better than the Kyosho version. Six months later Oversteer released a stunning Mazda CX-5 that proved they had the potential of becoming a major player in the ultra-detailled 1/64 scale field. More than one year passed without any new product, but finally their anticipated third model is here : the Mazda Roadster, or MX-5 outside Japan.

Oversteer not only outdid themselves with this MX-5, they are just blowing the competition away with what is probably the most detailed 1/64 car ever made.



As you probably know, taking pictures of such tiny cars in macro mode often shows flaws barely visible to the naked eye. But even so, this MX-5 is always looking good.


The logos are not simple tampos or decals, they are ridiculously small photo-etched parts ! To our knowledge this is the first time this technique is applied to a 1/64 scale car. This looks far better than any tampo or decal, no matter how good they are.

The antenna is a detail missing so often at this scale that we learned to forget about it. Oversteer decided it was important and did a very good job with this tiny (and apparently fragile) antenna.

The interior shows how much Oversteer cares about the micro-details. Again, this is the first time we see this kind of work on a 1/64 scale car ! And it looks even better with the naked eye, especially the aluminium effect on the dashboard.


The mirrors are all functional thanks to chrome stickers. Kyosho used to do that with the late Beads models, but not anymore (or on special editions only) and Tomytec never even tried. You can take a very close look at the steering wheels and see the rivets !


Packaging :

The box is similar to the Kyosho Beads/Original with a plastic base and acrylic cover. The lime/turquoise color scheme is fresh and soft.


Colors :

Ovesteer pushes the accuracy down to the colors : the six colors available are the exact six standard colors from Mazda.

Meteor Gray Mica :


Aluminium Metallic :


Deep Crystal Blue Mica :


Zeal Red Mica :


Jet Black Mica :


Crystal White Pearl Mica :


Verdict :

With this amazing Mazda MX-5, Oversteer shows to the world what it is possible to achieve at 1/64. The overall quality is on par with Tomytec, but the attention to micro-details is unrivaled. Oversteer does everything much, much better than the current Kyosho Originals, even the price : Oversteer models are slightly cheaper than Tomytec regular releases, and much cheaper than the overpriced Kyosho Originals.

The only issue we can find with Oversteer is their very slow rythm. We waited one year for this third release, and now we want more ! Thanksfully the next one, the Nissan GT-R Nismo, should show up in January just before the Tomytec’s version. Be ready for the Clash of the Titans !


Each color of the MX-5 are available now in the 829 Japan store !



Gallery : Tomytec November releases

Tomytec’s items came in early this month. The updated IDx Freeflow is here. The TownAce are superb and the Tram massive. The Seibu Keisatsu Super Z attention to detail is really impressive. As usual fantastic work from Tomytec !

Nissan IDx Freeflow (Auto Salon 2014 version)


This one is the version that was on display at the Auto Salon 2014. The front grill is different from the version on display at the Tokyo Motor Show 2013.


LV-N96a/b Toyota Town Ace


Just fantastic, and so tiny at 1/64 scale ! The only thing that bothers me is the big inside center support for the back window, too visible.


LV-146a Hiroshima Electric Railways 750 Tramway


This Tramway was first released in the Seibu Keisatsu line, however this one features a few modifications like wipers and cooling system, that were different on the older version destroyed in the show.


Seibu Keisatsu #16  Super Z


We’ve already seen the iconic Super Z in the Tomytec Seibu Keisatsu line, but this one is actualy… a fake ! Taken from episode 14 of Part III, this car was actually built by criminals who stole the blueprint of the real Super Z. Of course the real one took care of the impostor. This release might look like Tomytec is taking it easy, but fans are welcoming this ‘new’ model. Many actually bought 2 pieces of the original Super Z just to recreate the chase between the two cars in this episode. And it looks so good that a re-edition is not a problem.

News : Kyosho 1/64 Ferrari Minicar Collection 10

Kyosho is ready to celebrate Ferrari (again) with the 10th CircleK/SunKus Ferrari Minicar Collection ! Only 10? Actually if we take in account the F1, Racing and Neo Ferrari collections it’s more like 20.

This time the line up consists of :

  • F50 GT
  • 575 GTC
  • F430 GT
  • 250 GTO
  • 365 GTB4 “Daytona”
  • 328 GTB
  • 458 Speciale
  • California T


Nice selection, with many models previously released in collections 2 and 3. No doubt the collectors who missed the early series will appreciate.

The Ferrari Minicar Collection 10 will be released exclusively in the Circle K stores on December 2nd, but a few cases should be available on Stay tuned.

News : Tomytec releases from January to March 2015

2015 will certainly be a busy year for one of the best Japanese scale car makers. Tomytec already unveiled true winners for the beginning of the year, as well as many new sub-lines. Let’s take a look at what’s coming.


January 2015

LV- 148 a/b Toyopet Crown Deluxe

LV-148a LV-148b

This evolution of the first Crown introduced in December 1955 brings a few comfort improvements and ornaments.


LV-N98 a/b Toyota Mark II Grande

LV-N98a LV-N98b

After the ’84 version (LV-N95), Tomytec will release the ’86 version of the Mark II fifth generation. The differences are not obvious and the color choice is similar, making this release quite forgettable.


LV-TS01 Nissan Cedric 330 Deluxe


Like Seibu Keisatsu, Tokusô Saizensen is a police TV Show aired in Japan from 1977 to 1987. Although less popular than Seibu Keisatsu, Tomytec decided to give the show the TLV NEO treatment. This first release is the black Cedric driven by one of the heroes. You can see it in the opening. No explosions but there is a helicopter at least.


February 2015 :

LV-15d Datsun Truck (Yamashin) / LV-NJ02 Datsun Truck (left hand drive)


Fourth version of the Datsun 1200 truck, LV-15d is the delivery vehicle of Yamashin soy sauce. Second release of the new Nihonsha no Jidai sub-collection,  the red Datsun is the left hand drive version sold in the USA. The bed is slightly different than its Japanese counterpart. Note that the first release in the Nihonsha no Jidai collection seems to have been delayed or canceled, probably due to licensing issues.


LV-N99 a/b Daihatsu Delta

lv-n99a lv-n99b

Based on the Townace, the Delta from 1980 is another example of a succesfull transformation of an utility van into a family car.


LV-N100 a/b Nissan GT-R nismo


February 14th 2015 will mark Tomytec’s history with the release of this GT-R that redefines the TLV-Neo guide lines. Tomytec announced that the collection will grow and offer many types of cars from various periods. The GT-R nismo 2014 will be available in white (a) and silver (b).


LV-TS02 Nissan Gloria 2000SGL


Second release in the Tokusô Saizensen line, this white Gloria is another one of the main cars.


March 2015 :

LV-NJ03 Toyopet Crown (left hand drive) / LV-NJ04 Toyopet Crown Australia Rally version

lv-nsj03 lv-nsj04

In the Nihonsha no Jidai line, the US left hand drive version of the Crown will be released in March, as well as the reproduction of the car that ran the Mobilgas Australian Rally in 1957. Note that the rally type was supposed to be the first release in the  Nihon no Motorsport Shi wo Furikaette line, but it appears it was finally merged with the Nihonsha no Jidai line.


LV-N101 a/b Nissan GT-R nismo N Attack package


The N Attack package edition of the GT-R includes elements developed for the GT-R nismo that ran the fastest lap on the Nurburgring track (production car division). Tomytec will offer a beautiful replica in gray or red.


LV-N102 a/b Nissan Gloria 280E

lv-n102a lv-n102b

Tomytec chose the Brougham 1979 de la Gloria 280E.


LV-SM06 Toyota Crown Hard Top


‘Beat’ is the nickname of Takeshi Kitano, founder of Snake Motors. This Crown looks like a stock car and fits perfectly well in the Snake Motors line.


LV-TH01 Toyota Crown


After Seibu Keisatsu and Tokusô Saizensen, a new collection based on a Japanese police TV show : Taiyô ni Horeo. Aired from 1972 to 1986 the show was sponsored by Toyota. Unlike Seibu Keisatsu, there wasn’t many crashes and stunts in Taiyô ni Horeo. Maybe that’s why it’s less popular.


Tomica Limited Vintage 43 :

Next to its main 1/64 production, Tomytec keeps producing 1/43 scale with regular releases. This is what’s coming in 2015’s first quarter :

LV-N43-10a Nissan Cedric 230 Taxi (Nippon Kotsu) – January 2015



LV-N43-11a Nissan Cedric GL – March 2015



LV-N43-12a Nissan Cedric Patrol Car – March 2015



That’s all that Tomytec has annouced so far. Rest assured that we will share any new information.