News : Tomica releases schedule from January to March 2015

Updated with cars colors.

Amazon Japan spilled the bean in their last Tomica listings update. Here are the regular Tomica coming in 2015 !

January 2015:

  • #13 Unknown model (regular and limited colors)
  • #34 ALSOK security car
  • Valentine Gift Set – Subaru Legacy B4 Patrol Car
  • Valentine Gift Set – Morita CD-I Fire Truck
  • Dream Tomica Kiiroitori
  • Dream Tomica Pikachu Lightning Yellow
  • Dream Tomica Evangelion NERV Official Business Coupe
  • Star Wars TSW-01 Millenium Falcon
  • Star Wars TSW-02 X-Wing Starfighter
  • Star Wars TSW-03 Tie Fighter
  • Star Wars TSW-04 Star Destroyer

We don’t know yet what will be the first model. This secrecy usually happens when the real car has not been officialy presented to the medias, so we can expect a japanese car that will make its debut at the end of the year.

ALSOK is a security company in Japan. Tomica already released the armored HiAce they use for funds transportation and it is unclear wich car will be released in January.

The Legacy B4 Patrol Car will be the sixth generation and slightly different than the #112 released in 2010 while the Morita CD-I should be the same as #41 from 2011. Both cars will come in a gift set with three chocolate.

chco1 chco2

In the Dream Tomica line Kiiroitori is a yellow bird from the Rilakkuma universe and everyone knows Pikachu. What’s interesting is the Evangelion NERV Coupe that is actually a very good looking white Mazda Cosmo Sport with a red stripe ! Let’s hope to see the Alpine A310 from the original series in Tomica form too.

AutoArt already made a 1/18 version.

AutoArt already made a 1/18 version.

The long awaited Star Wars Tomica line will be ready in January.

SWT-01-1 SWT-02-1 SWT-03-1 SWT-04-1


February 2015:

  • #118 Lamborghini Veneno (silver)
  • #118 Lamborghini Veneno (yellow) First release limited edition
  • #103 Toyota Land Cruiser
  • Disney Motors Tap Minnie Mouse White Day Edition

The Veneno will be available in silver for the regular edition and red for the limited color, while the 2015 Land Cruiser will be black.

venenoslv landcru

White day is a ‘reverse Valentine’s day’ in Japan. On Valentine’s day the tradition is that women offer chocolate to men, and on White day the men return the favor by offering a gift to the women. This is why Tomica gift set for Valentine’s day are aimed at boys and the White day Minnie Mouse car is aimed at girls.


March 2015:

  • #106 TommyKaira ZZ (yellow)
  • #106 TommyKaira ZZ (red) First release limited edition
  • #77 Hino Profia Nippon Express
  • #139 E3 Shinkansen (regular and limited colors)
  • Dream Tomica Hyper Rescue 0
  • Dream Tomica Pokemon Mega Charizard Y
  • Dream Tomica Miffy
  • Tomica Kuji 19 – Fantasy Police Rescue
  • Hyper Blue Police line

The original TommyKaira ZZ is a fresh addition to the Regular Tomica line. The regular edition will be yellow with a black stripe and the limited edition will be red with a white stripe.

zzred zzwht proe3

More Poket Monsters cars in the Pokemon sub-line with Mega Charizard, and the Hyper Rescue 0 huge playset will make its appearance in miniature form in the Dream Tomica line, as well as the cute bunny Miffy.

After the ‘Fantasy Police’ Cars collection from Kuji 18, the ‘Fantasy Police’ Rescue collection will feature 8 models : Security Command Car (Lamborghini Aventador), Lifeguard Water Rescue Vehicle (Rescue Truck Type III), Lifeguard Transport Vehicle (Aquarium Truck with Shark), Special Rescue Team Fire Truck (Hino Fire Truck), Special Rescue Team Disaster Vehicle (Komatsu PW200), Special Rescue Team Transport Vehicle (Unimog), Medical Corps Mobile Vehicle (London Bus) and Special Rescue Team Kitchen Car (Subaru Sambar Ramen Shop).

Similar to the Hyper Rescue line, a new Hyper Blue Police line will make its debut with single cars, figures sets and playsets. Both lines will be compatible.