Event : All Japan Model & Hobby Show – Tomytec

Tomytec powers up ! The biggest surprise of the show (in 1/64th scale) was the prototype of the GT-R Nismo that will be released in the Tomica Limited Vintage Neo line. Tomytec always said that the TLV line would include only “common cars from the Showa period”. A few cars from early 90’s made it through the TLV Neo but hope to see cars from late 90’s or even 2000’s were very low. It seems the succes of the Nissan IDx pushed them to change their mind. The GT-R as LV-N100 opens new horizons and is very exciting news for collectors.


LV-N100 Nissan GT-R Nismo (available in February 2015)


LV-N101 Nissan GT-R Nismo N-attack Package (available in March 2015)


The prototype of the Toyota Town Ace from the 80’s was on display too, and to prove the new position of the TLV line the prototype of the Toyota Century second generation (1997) was also present.



A new model with a nice livery will be added to the Snake Motors line, the Toyota Crown Hard Top from the 2 Beat synchronized driving team.


The Nagashi Curry Clipper was displayed with the fake commercial published in Setagaya Base magazine it originated from. Yes, that’s Takeshi Kitano disguised as a japanese farmer.



After Snake Motors and Crazy Ken’s Car Club, Tomytec is ready to introduce two new sub-collections called Nihonsha no Jidai (that can loosely be translated as ‘Japanese Cars Generation’) and Nihon no Motorsport Shi wo Furikaette (‘Remembering Japanese Motorsport’).


Top : ‘Nihonsha no Jidai’ Datsun 1200 Truck and Toyopet Crown American versions with left hand drive.
Bottom : LV-15d Datsun 1200 Truck Yamashino and ‘Nihon no Motorsport Shi wo Furikaette’ Toyopet Crown Australia Rally version.


More models for 2015, with no reference number yet.

TLV_ISU_117_001 TLV_MIT_GAL_01

Isuzu 117 Coupe 1800 and Mitsubishi Galant Sigma 2000GSR/1600GL


Nissan Cedric 2000 SGL-E and Nissan Cedric Taxi


Nissan Gloria 280E and Toyota Mark II Grande Limited


Fans of Seibu Keisatsu will be happy to see this :


Carried on by the huge succes of the Seibu Keisatsu line, Tomytec decided to give a try at less popular japanese police shows :


Left : ‘Tokusô Saizensen’ Nissan Cedric Deluxe and Nissan Gloria 2000 SGL

Right : ‘Taiyô ni Horeo’ Toyota Celica 1800GT-TR and Toyota Mark II GT Twin Turbo


And all the late 2014 TLV products were of course displayed.


LV-N96 Toyota Town Ace Van / LV-N97 Daihatsu Delta


LV-N98 Toyota Mark II Grande / LV-N99 Toyota Town Ace Wagon

TLV-147_TOY_CRO_01 TLV-148_TOY_CRO_01

LV-147 Toyopet Crown / LV-148 Toyopet Crown Deluxe


Only two models on display for the 1/43 scale TLV line :

TLV--N43_09a_NIS_GLO_01 TLV-N43_10a_NIS_CED_TAX_01

LV-43-09a Nissan Gloria and LV-43-10a Nisan Cedric Taxi


On the ChoroQ Zero side, here is what’s coming :

CHQ_01 CHQ_02 CHQ_03 CHQ_04


And to finish, a look at other Tomytec activities : 1/150 model trains and dioramas, 1/144 planes and 1/12 guns.

TT_144_PLANES_01 TT_150_BUS_01 TT_150_TRAIN_01TOM_112_GUN_01 TOM_112_GUN_02 TOM_112_GUN_03

Stay tuned for Kyosho and more !