News : Tomytec releases from October to December 2014

October 2014

Probably because Tomytec planned 4 cars in the Tomica Limited Vintage line for September, there will be only TLV NEO cars in October.

LV-N95a/b Toyota Mark II Grande

LV-N95a LV-N95b

This fifth generation of the Mark II (or Cressida outside Japan) from 1984 will be available in white or ‘Sleek Brown Toning’.


Seibu Keisatsu #15 Nissan Cedric 330 and 430 set


More cars from the show. The silver 330 was used by criminals in episode 5 while the 430 was appeared in several episodes of Seibu Keisatsu Part II. The lateral strip on the passenger door have been removed to be accurate to the show.


November 2014

LV-146a Hiroshima Electric Railways 750 Tramway


This Tramway was first released in the Seibu Keisatsu line, however this one will feature a few modifications like wipers and cooling system, that were different on the older version destroyed in the show.


LV-N96a/b Toyota Town Ace

LV-N96a LV-N96b

The popular van of the late 70’s, early 80’s will be available in cool colors.


Nissan IDx Freeflow (Auto Salon 2014 version)


If you missed the first release you’ll be happy to know that Tomytec plans a re-release in November. This is not exactly the same car. This one is the version that was on display at the Auto Salon 2014. The front grill is different from the version on display at the Tokyo Motor Show 2013.


Seibu Keisatsu #16  Super Z


We’ve already seen the iconic Super Z in the Tomytec Seibu Keisatsu line, but this one is actualy… a fake ! Taken from episode 14 of Part III, this car was actually built by criminals who stole the blueprint of the real Super Z. Of course the real one took care of the impostor. This release might look like Tomytec is taking it easy, but fans are welcoming this ‘new’ model. Many actually bought 2 pieces of the original Super Z just to recreate the chase between the two cars in this episode.


December 2014

LV-147a/b Toyopet Crown


First generation of the Crown from 1955. This one is sure to sell like hot cakes.


LV-N97a/b Daihatsu Delta

LV-N97a LV-N97b

Warm colors for Daihatsu’s take on the Toyota Town Ace. Except the front grill and sunroof, both models looks very similar.


Nissan IDx Nismo (Auto Salon 2014 version)


Same story as the Freeflow, this re-release feature the new front grill showed at the Auto Salon 2014.


SM05 Nissan Clipper Sewer Pump Truck


More cars from the real-fake company Snake Motors. Real because the company exist and was funded by Takeshi Kitano and George Tokoro to build replicas of ancient motorbikes. Nothing to do with cars, but the garage was used as a set for a vintage car dealer in movies and TV shows. Tomytec imagined what would this garage have looked like if it had been a reality in the 70’s. They also connect ‘Snake Motors’ with ‘Setagaya Base’, George Tokoro’s magazine about vintage cars (mostly US muscle cars). We can assume that Tomytec’s Snake Motors is a fantasy model car line based on real people and companies.

That Clipper was pictured in a fake advertisement for an organic curry-based sewer cleaner published in an issue of the magazine. Yes, that’s a totally obscure private joke that only diehard fans of Setagaya Base would get, but it seemed good enough for Tomytec. Two figures of Kitano and Tokoro will be included.