Gallery : Tomica August 2014 releases

#21 Nissan X-Trail

Third generation of the SUV by Nissan.

#14 Formula Renault 3.5

The regular version is the 2010 Renault livery while the limited version is the 2009 Renault livery. None of them raced in Japan, making this choice of relatively unknown model pretty strange for the japanese market. The cars comes with stickers (not applied in the pictures) and the sheets are different for each version to make them accurate.

Dream Tomica AE86 Trueno White Hood (Initial D)

After the success of the first version with the black hood (and the “Toyoya” mistake), TakaraTomy keep going with the Initial D licence.  The other cars of the serie will probably follow, Initial D having a huge fanbase.

New Pokemon Dream Tomicas and Hyper Rescue models have also been released in August, that I haven’t acquired. Here are some pictures from TakaraTomy for reference.