News : The Japan Post celebrates the Mazda Roadster

On August 25th the Japan Post will put on sale two special stamps sets featuring the Mazda Roadster.

The first set comes with 10 stamps and a limited 1/64 scale Mazda Roadster 25th Anniversary Edition.


The second comes with 10 stamps only featuring drawings by Bow, cover illustrator for the japanese edition of Car Magazine.



The set including the minicar and 10 stamps is limited to 4500 pcs with a retail price of 3500 yen. The set including 10 stamps featuring Bow’s work is limited to 3700 pcs with a retail price of 2000 yen.

The manufacturer of the minicar is yet unknown but the quality seems to be very high. The base suggest it could come from Kyosho or Interallied.

829 Japan will try to get a few sets, feel free to send an email to for more informations.