Review : F-Toys 1/64 Japanese Classic Car Selection Series 1

Update : Sealed case of 10 added to 829Japan Shop !

F-Toys is a toy manufacturer that sells its product with a candy. This is why they are sold as confection products and not toys. It’s the same way Kabaya sells the Majorette brand in Japan. Cars, planes, boats, figures… the selection is huge but, often, the quality isn’t very good. The previous Lamborghini collection had a lot of issues, and so I was a bit apprehensive when I opened the boxes of this new Japanese Classic Car Selection.


Thankfully, I was pleasently surprised! The overall quality is quite good. The line-up of this first series includes the 1970 Nissan Skyline GT-R (KPGC10), the 1969 Isuzu Bellett 1600 GTR (PR91) and the famous Toyota 2000GT (MF10) from 1969.


These models have already been made at 1/64 scale by Konami or Kyosho, but the new F-Toys models introduce a few new features.
The first feature can be found directly on the box. F-Toys are sold in blind boxes, just like Konami and Kyosho, but this series of F-Toys boxes are numbered. This lets you know what model is inside without opening the box (the color is random though). Very helpful.



The cars also feature details usually missing at this scale : side mirrors (included as a separate part – assembly required) and a hood that opens to allow a peek inside at the painted engine. The mirrors need patience to be cut out carefully and glued in position, but are totally worth the effort. The engine is suprisingly well detailed and painted, using many different colors.

FT_JCS01__06 FT_JCS01__07 FT_JCS01__08 FT_JCS01__09

The only issue with the opening hoods is keeping them closed properly. You really have to push hard to lock them, but there is often a tiny gap remaining. Bummer.
Still, these new F-Toys are much better than the Konami versions of 2004. The clear lamps are really well done. There are a few paint issues and not very clean tampos, but it’s almost as cheap as a regular Tomica and the overall quality is very satisfying and close to Kyosho level.

FT_JCS01__14 FT_JCS01__15

The only real problem I found is that the cars are not screwed into the base. All the Toyota 2000GT were loose in their protective shell. I didn’t find any damage though, the shell is doing its job.
One final warning: these minicars are not diecast. They are 100% plastic. This is not a bad thing, but they are very light and it’s a bit of an odd feeling when you are used to much heavier diecast cars.

While we wait for Tomytec to produce their own versions of the 2000GT and Skyline GT-R, those F-Toys versions are the best you can find on the market at 1/64 scale. I’m definitively looking forward a second series.

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