Event Report : International Tokyo Toy Show 2014

TakaraTomy had a huge booth at the International Tokyo Toy Show filled with all of their coming products. This post is focused on Tomica, everything else in the show was toys.

The regular Tomica scheduled for July to September were on display. It was difficult to take a good look and get good pictures because of the dirty glass and the light coming from below the cars was way too bright . A poor choice in presentation…


All these little Tomica will be released in July, August and September


July : Ford Mustang GT V8 and Renault Megane Gendarmerie


August : Renault Formula 3.5 and Nissan X-Trail


September : Nissan Fairlady Z Nismo


September : Doctor Heli and Shinkansen E7

And before you ask : the red Mustang doesn’t have any opening parts…


The Dream Tomica line is expanding further and further and will have more upcoming models than the Regular Tomica line.


July : Belle and Godzilla


August : AE86 Trueno (Initial D) and Oigawa C11 (Thomas)


International Tokyo Toy Show 2014 exclusive Mario Kart 8 Luigi


September : Lupin the 3rd


September : Time Mechabuton


August : Pokemon Megalucario Blue Dash


August : Pokemon Xerneas Raindow Speed


August : Pokemon Yvetal Wing Formula

Luigi from Mario Kart 8 is the exclusive model of the International Tokyo Toy Show 2014. Last year’s exclusive was Metal Mario from Mario Kart 7.


The biggest news from the show was the announcement of the the Star Wars Tomica line. The first wave will consist of 4 models and is scheduled for January 2015.

SWT-01-1 SWT-02-1 SWT-03-1 SWT-04-1

The Star Wars Motors line, similar to the Disney Motors line, will follow shortly. The concept sketches for Darth Vader and C3PO are ready.



Many models are coming to the Disney Motors line too, including the huge Truck Trailer.


June : EX Cruiser Patrol Car Woody


July : Dream Star Aurora and Poppins Snow White


July : Dream Star II Maleficent


July : Speedway Star Buzz Lightyear


July : Dream Star Special 39 Mickey Mouse


August : Chim-Chim Pizzabike Alien


September : Speedway Star Racing Mickey Mouse


September : Poppins Mickey Mouse Halloween Edition 2014


October : Dream Star Classic Mickey Mouse


November : Truck Trailer


In August the Hyper Rescue team will receive new equipment with HR-08 to HR-12 vehicles, as well as a third Power Unit Vehicle to upgrade the big HR-0. HR13 and HR-14 will come later.


Full Hyper Rescue lineup


HR-08 to HR-14


Power Unit Vehicle 03 by itself and attached to HR-0.


Tomytec products were on display too, but in a tiny cabinet. Check our Shizuoka Hobby Show 2014 coverage for more Tomica Limited Vintage first look.


A little corner was dedicated to Choro-Q, and more specificaly to the new Q-Eyes. These battery-operated automated Choro-Q have a sonar feature that prevents them from colliding with their environment (they do collide with moving objects though, including nearby Q-Eyes unfortunately…). Like a Roomba but without the cleaning.

CQ-1 CQ-2

Many interesting things to see on the TakaraTomy booth. Not much on the Kyosho side except a few aerial stunts performed by their impressive (and tiny) radio controlled QuattroX.


2 thoughts on “Event Report : International Tokyo Toy Show 2014

  1. Some interesting stuff for sure.
    I’m looking forward to the Star Wars Motors line.

    What also caught my attention were the Choro-Q.
    New packaging and numbering (red & white boxes number Q-01 to Q-06)?
    I wonder what makes these Choro-Q different from the Coro-Q Zero? Any ideas?

  2. The new Choro-Q line is produced by TakaraTomy, while Choro-Q Zero is a Tomytec line. The difference is in overall quality, kind of like the difference between Tomica and Tomica Limited Vintage : Tomytec is making collectibles items while Tomica is making toys.
    The new ‘Regular’ Choro-Q models will be mass produced and will cost almost half the price of a Choro-Q Zero. TakaraTomy also plans to develop the “Q” brand with ‘character cars’ like Transformers or Hello Kitty in the same fashion as Dream Tomica does. And of course the Q-Eyes line.
    It is interesting to note that the ‘Regular’ line is called “Zenmai Type” (Spring Type). That could mean that other propulsion systems are on the way…

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