Gallery : Tomytec 1/64 June releases

Lots of news in this month of June from Tomytec : a new line, the first BMW coming to Tomica Limited Vintage and the first 1/64 scale Tram-car !

After the Freeflow version last month, it’s time to take a look at the Nissan IDx again, in it’s Nismo edition.


The box is similar to the IDx Freeflow, with layout and colors matching the car.


The mirrors are included in a plastic bag.


Again, this car has great detail and accuracy. This 1/64 scale model looks even better than the 1/43 scale by Ebbro.


For the first time ever Tomytec has made a BMW car and is absolutely flawless. The LV-N91 BMW 328i from 1982 in red or blue is fantastic!


More Tomica Limited Vintage with the LV-142 Toyota Corolla 1100 Sedan 1967 in two versions : police car or JAF service car.


New TLV line debut with the Crazy Ken’s Car Club. Similar to the Mr. K Selection, the models featured in this line are chosen in collaboration with a celebrity from the Japanese automobile world.
Crazy Ken (Ken Yokoyama), founder of a famous music band, is one of the most famous collectors of vintage cars. He owned and raced an Isuzu Bellet 1600 from 1969. This car is now available in 1/64 scale thanks to Tomytec.



Not only did the Seibu Keisatsu producers enjoy crashing cars, they also liked to destroy all kind of vehicles. In 1982 they blew up a complete “Momiji” Tram-car for an episode (video).


Being true 1/64 scale, this Hiroshima Electric Railway 750 Momiji Tram-car is huge and extremely detailed, outside and inside. A big base ressembling a rail track is included.

Gallery : Tomica June 2014 releases

Unconventional releases this month with the Spyker and the Drag Car.

New colors for the good old Mitsubishi Triton, this time as a Japan Automobile Federation service car.

Enter the Spyker C8 Laviolette SWB for the first time in 3 inches size.

The Drag Car is very light. Only the hood is made of metal, everything else is in plastic (even the chassis).

The latest Toys R Us exclusive is a bright red Mitsubishi Carry Art Transporter. Hopefully TRU will keep going with more exclusive cars and trucks after their Subaru and Mitsubishi releases.


News : More Tomica Event Models for the Tomica Tokyo Event

The huge Tomica Event in Tokyo will be held from August 8th to 17th. Packed with activities and prizes for the kids, the Tomica Event is also the source of exclusive models for collectors.

In April, seven new Event models were introduced at the Osaka Event. Five more are coming to the Tokyo Event !

#33 Nissan Leaf Patrol Car


#34 Toyota Aqua


#35 Nissan Juke


#36 Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG


#37 Fiat 500



All the 2014 Tomica Event Models are available for preorders on the 829 Japan Shop !


Another Factory Model will make its debut at the Tokyo Event : the Mazda Atenza.


All the new Tomica Factory Models are available for preorders on the 829 Japan Shop too !




Gallery : Tomica Toy’s Dream Project ‘Long Awaited Great Cars Selection 4’

Toy Card is a company created in 1987 by Tomy, Epoch and Bandai to make gift cards exchangeable in toy shops for their products. The service quickly evolved to include children’s clothes and attraction tickets and is now also used by the three major Japanese toys makers to produce limited editions aimed at adult collectors of their popular lines under the name ‘Toy’s Dream Project’.

Twice a year, a TDP mini-collection of 6 Tomica cars is released exclusively through selected retailers (including Tomica Shops). Quantities are limited and the overall quality is higher than the regular Tomica releases with models often featuring clear plastic headlights, elaborate paintjobs or decorations. This leads to a retail price almost twice as high as a Regular Tomica.

The theme of the latest Toy’s Dream Project collection is the ‘Long Awaited Great Cars Selection’ volume 4. These cars have special colors or decorations never made before by TakaraTomy and supposedly ‘long awaited’ by collectors.

This matte black CR-Z with red wheels was tuned by Wraptivo and showed off in many events and magazines.


The CX-5 ‘Active Driver’ concept was on display at the Tokyo Auto Salon 2013 and features a very well reproduced carbon bonnet.


The yellow Orochi with red interior was the first Orochi sold by Mitsuoka.


The masked version of the GT-R Test car that beat the Porsche 911 at Nurburgring in 2009. This one features the number 33 printed on the front and rear bumpers.


This red with white stripe Juke was featured in the commercial with the Stormtrooper from Star Wars.

The red Impreza WRX STi with black roof was a preorder limited edition.

Event Report : International Tokyo Toy Show 2014

TakaraTomy had a huge booth at the International Tokyo Toy Show filled with all of their coming products. This post is focused on Tomica, everything else in the show was toys.

The regular Tomica scheduled for July to September were on display. It was difficult to take a good look and get good pictures because of the dirty glass and the light coming from below the cars was way too bright . A poor choice in presentation…


All these little Tomica will be released in July, August and September


July : Ford Mustang GT V8 and Renault Megane Gendarmerie


August : Renault Formula 3.5 and Nissan X-Trail


September : Nissan Fairlady Z Nismo


September : Doctor Heli and Shinkansen E7

And before you ask : the red Mustang doesn’t have any opening parts…


The Dream Tomica line is expanding further and further and will have more upcoming models than the Regular Tomica line.


July : Belle and Godzilla


August : AE86 Trueno (Initial D) and Oigawa C11 (Thomas)


International Tokyo Toy Show 2014 exclusive Mario Kart 8 Luigi


September : Lupin the 3rd


September : Time Mechabuton


August : Pokemon Megalucario Blue Dash


August : Pokemon Xerneas Raindow Speed


August : Pokemon Yvetal Wing Formula

Luigi from Mario Kart 8 is the exclusive model of the International Tokyo Toy Show 2014. Last year’s exclusive was Metal Mario from Mario Kart 7.


The biggest news from the show was the announcement of the the Star Wars Tomica line. The first wave will consist of 4 models and is scheduled for January 2015.

SWT-01-1 SWT-02-1 SWT-03-1 SWT-04-1

The Star Wars Motors line, similar to the Disney Motors line, will follow shortly. The concept sketches for Darth Vader and C3PO are ready.



Many models are coming to the Disney Motors line too, including the huge Truck Trailer.


June : EX Cruiser Patrol Car Woody


July : Dream Star Aurora and Poppins Snow White


July : Dream Star II Maleficent


July : Speedway Star Buzz Lightyear


July : Dream Star Special 39 Mickey Mouse


August : Chim-Chim Pizzabike Alien


September : Speedway Star Racing Mickey Mouse


September : Poppins Mickey Mouse Halloween Edition 2014


October : Dream Star Classic Mickey Mouse


November : Truck Trailer


In August the Hyper Rescue team will receive new equipment with HR-08 to HR-12 vehicles, as well as a third Power Unit Vehicle to upgrade the big HR-0. HR13 and HR-14 will come later.


Full Hyper Rescue lineup


HR-08 to HR-14


Power Unit Vehicle 03 by itself and attached to HR-0.


Tomytec products were on display too, but in a tiny cabinet. Check our Shizuoka Hobby Show 2014 coverage for more Tomica Limited Vintage first look.


A little corner was dedicated to Choro-Q, and more specificaly to the new Q-Eyes. These battery-operated automated Choro-Q have a sonar feature that prevents them from colliding with their environment (they do collide with moving objects though, including nearby Q-Eyes unfortunately…). Like a Roomba but without the cleaning.

CQ-1 CQ-2

Many interesting things to see on the TakaraTomy booth. Not much on the Kyosho side except a few aerial stunts performed by their impressive (and tiny) radio controlled QuattroX.


News : Tomytec releases from July to September 2014

Busy schedule for Tomytec in the upcoming months :

July 2014

LV-143a/b Daihatsu Midget
lv143a lv143b

This new edition of the popular Midget features removable hood and a ‘Lotte Chewing Gum’ decoration as seen in some classic Toho movies.
​LV-N93a/b BMW 325i 4door
lvn93a lvn93b

The late 80′s E30 was popular in Japan despite the fact that only left-hand drive was available.


Seibu Keisatsu #13 Nissan Cedric 230 & 330 unmarked patrol cars set



Another nice addition for the fans of the Seibu Keisatsu show. The Cedric 330 was featured in a car chase in the episode ‘Machinegun Rhapsody’ aired in November 1979. The 330 was a brand new model at the time, so the production team decided to use an older Cedric 230 as stunt double to destroy at the end of the chase. Both cars are included in this set and have the same license plate since they are supposed to be the same car.


August 2014

LV-79c Nissan Bluebird SOHGO Security / LV-144a Nissan Bluebird Nissan Service

lv79c lv144a

Two new company cars that were cruising in the streets of Japan in the 70’s. SOHGO Security, established in 1965, was a security services company now known as ALSOK. Their Bluebird is based on a 1400 Deluxe from 1972. The Nissan service car Bluebird is a standard 1969 model.


LV-N94a/b Nissan Gloria 2000SGL
lvn94a lvn94b

Fifth generation of Gloria (330), the 2000GSL was released in 1975. The tail lights and front grill are unique to this version.


Seibu Keisatsu #14 Nissan Cedric 2000GSL Extra


This Cedric was the getaway car of criminals escaping Sendai city in an episode of Seibu Keisatsu.


September 2014

LV-145a/b Isuzu 117 Coupe

Isuzu 117 Coupe

Luxury car released in 1968, the 117 Coupe is an iconic Japanese model and had already been made by Tomica in 1974.


LV-77e Subaru Sambar National / LV-143c Daihatsu Midget National

lv77e lv143c

More company cars with the Sambar and the Midget from National, which later became Panasonic.
LV-N89b Hino HE366 Transporter


A new edition of the huge Hino HE366 transporter with the Anchiko ASZ022 trailer.


LV-Ra11 Isuzu 117 Coupe Radio Japan

Isuzu 117 Coupe

Eleventh model of the ‘Radio Days’ series, this Radio Japan Isuzu 117 Coupe was operating in Kanagawa prefecture in the 70’s.


Finally, Tomytec will release a new 1/64 scale diorama in it’s ‘Tomicarama’ series : Bayside Motors.



That’s it for the coming Tomica Limited Vintage models !

Gallery : Tomica Factory London Bus

The Tomica Shop special model from the Tomica Assembly Factory for the month of June is the London Bus in 3 different colors.

Update : Blue versions added.

You can order those exclusive models in the 829 Japan Shop.

Gallery : Kyosho 1/64 Subaru Minicar Collection

Pictures of the 24 models from the Subaru Minicar Collection as well as the Karuwaza exclusive.

You can order the complete set or a sealed case in the 829 Japan Shop.