News : DyDo Pullback Minicar Collections for March and April 2014

Only available in convenience stores in Japan for a limited time, those models are sold with coffee cans.

Currently available is the McLaren MP4 Series Collection featuring 8 “super deformed” style F1 models.


From left to right; top to bottom : 1988 MP4/4 #12 Ayrton Sena, 1989 MP4/5 #1 Ayrton Sena, 1993 MP4/8 #8 Ayrton Sena, 1997 MP4-12 #9 Mika Hakkinen (Presentation version), 1997 MP4-12 #10 David Coultard, 2003 MP4-17D #6 Kimi Raikkonen, 2008 MP4-23 #22 Lewis Hamilton, 2011 MP4-26 #4 Jenson Button.

You can watch the TV commercial on Youtube.


The Mitsuoka Collection will be available later in March. The cars are not only pullback, they also change color with temperature and the front wheels can be set in three different positions.


The lineup consists of : Galae, Ray, RyƓga, Viewt, Himiko, La-Seyde, Orochi and Zero 1. The scale is around 1/100.


Mitsuoka is a very small japanese automobile manufacturer, making unconventional looking cars on order only. -> Mitsuoka Website.


In collaboration with Tamiya, the next Pullback Minicar Collection in April will feature models inspired from the Tamiya Mini 4WD line, made famous by the manga Dash ! Yonkurou in the late eighties.


Full lineup : Emperor, Super Emperor, Burning Sun (White Special), Shooting Star, Cannonball (White Special), Dancing Doll (White Special), Emperor (Black Special), Super Emperor (Clear Body).

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  1. Hi. I am interested to purchase the Dydo Dash Yonkuro mini pullback collection. How to purchase it and do the payment? Do you delivery to Malaysia?

    • Hi,
      The Dash Yonkuro pullback collection has not been released yet. Please send me a message at yannick[at]829japan[.]com so I can contact you with more details once the collection is available.
      I do send packages to Malaysia and all over the world !


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