News : TLV 1/64 Toyota Town Ace prototype pictures

In the Tomica Limited Vintage Encyclopedia Volume 2 released last February, Neko Publishing revealed 4 new TLV models coming in 2014 : the Isuzu 117 Coupe, the Nissan Gloria Sedan 330, the Toyota Mark II Hard Top GX71 and the Toyota TownAce.



Recently, the Toyota owned website posted an article featuring Tomytec’s planning manager Shingo Kobayashi as well as a picture of the painted prototype of the TownAce.


(the raw unpainted prototype of the Gloria Sedan 330 is also shown in this picture)

The article talks about how TLV models are made, topic already discussed in the Tomica Limited Vintage Encyclopedia Volume 2.

Interesting facts : Tomytec does not use blueprints or miniatures to make their cars. They have real cars coming to their warehouse and they take pictures and measurements themselves. They also travel all around Japan to find vintage cars in pristine condition and spend a few days studying the cars from all angles and talk with the owner. They also work directly with car makers to get access to archives detailling the different colors and options accurately.

All those datas are then sent to China and used by the production team to build a prototype. Japan and China work together for months, exchanging informations and tweaking the prototype until it becomes flawless and ready for production.

This is how the Tomica Limited Vintage line offers stunningly accurate models at 1/64 scale. Although the quantities produced are unknown, the TLV models are never re-edited, thus their name “Limited”. If a model proves really popular it will eventually get a new color release.

Gallery : Tomica Limited Vintage March releases

Many new releases this month :

Tomica Limited Vintage LV-140a Isuzu Bellett 1800 GT

Tomica Limited Vintage LV-140b Isuzu Bellett 1800 GT N

Tomica Limited Vintage NEO LV-N48d Honda Civic SiR

Tomica Limited Vintage NEO LV-N65b Honda Civic VTi

Tomica Limited Vintage NEO LV-N90a Hino He366

Tomica Limited Vintage Radio Days LV-Ra08 Datsun Bluebird TBS Radio Car

Tomica Limited Vintage Radio Days LV-Ra09 Toyota Land Cruiser Nippon Cultural Broadcasting Topic Car

Tomica Limited Vintage Radio Days LV-Ra10 Nissan Skyline Nippon Broadcasting Nippon #1

Gallery : Tomica March releases

Pictures of Tomica models released last week-end in Japan. This gallery will be updated later with Tomica Long and Retailer exclusives (Aeon and Apita stores).

Gallery : Tomica Kuji 18

Released last week-end in blind boxes, the Tomica Kuji 18 collection features 10 models and a Police theme.

News : Toys R Us Japan exclusives

After the Subaru Impreza Rally Team version and the Subaru Rally Team Transporter, Toys R Us Japan will keep on providing Rally fans with more exclusive editions.

In April, the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X Ralliart version will be available in TRU shops around Japan in very limited quantities.


In June, an orange Mitsubishi Ralliart “Carry Art” Transporter will follow.


It is still unknown if TRU will expand this Rally line to other car makers.

Update / News : Tomica Event Models 2014

Update : Color pictures added.

Next April, new Tomica Event Models will be launched at the Osaka Tomica Event, raising their number to 32. Those exclusive models are on sale only at the various events held around Japan by TakaraTomy. They feature new colors and the “Event Model” markings.


#26 Komatsu Light Armored Vehicle (Blue Camouflage)


#27 Subaru Impreza WRX STi 4door (black)


#28 Nissan Diesel Tomica Event Wrapping Truck


#29 Daihatsu Midget Takoyaki Shop


#30 Nissan Skyline GT-R R32 (silver)


#31 Nissan Diesel Animal Carrier Penguin Truck (blue)


#32 TDM SkyDash (blue)



829Japan will attend the Tomica Event in Tokyo later this year. If you need some exclusive Event Models contact me.

Source : Hello to Tomica SNS

News : DyDo Pullback Minicar Collections for March and April 2014

Only available in convenience stores in Japan for a limited time, those models are sold with coffee cans.

Currently available is the McLaren MP4 Series Collection featuring 8 “super deformed” style F1 models.


From left to right; top to bottom : 1988 MP4/4 #12 Ayrton Sena, 1989 MP4/5 #1 Ayrton Sena, 1993 MP4/8 #8 Ayrton Sena, 1997 MP4-12 #9 Mika Hakkinen (Presentation version), 1997 MP4-12 #10 David Coultard, 2003 MP4-17D #6 Kimi Raikkonen, 2008 MP4-23 #22 Lewis Hamilton, 2011 MP4-26 #4 Jenson Button.

You can watch the TV commercial on Youtube.


The Mitsuoka Collection will be available later in March. The cars are not only pullback, they also change color with temperature and the front wheels can be set in three different positions.


The lineup consists of : Galae, Ray, Ry├┤ga, Viewt, Himiko, La-Seyde, Orochi and Zero 1. The scale is around 1/100.


Mitsuoka is a very small japanese automobile manufacturer, making unconventional looking cars on order only. -> Mitsuoka Website.


In collaboration with Tamiya, the next Pullback Minicar Collection in April will feature models inspired from the Tamiya Mini 4WD line, made famous by the manga Dash ! Yonkurou in the late eighties.


Full lineup : Emperor, Super Emperor, Burning Sun (White Special), Shooting Star, Cannonball (White Special), Dancing Doll (White Special), Emperor (Black Special), Super Emperor (Clear Body).

News : Kyosho 1/64 Tyrrell Minicar Collection

CircleK in collaboration with Kyosho will release in April 2014 a collection of 16 1/64 scale Tyrrell cars !


– 1976 Tyrrell P34 #3 J. Scheckter and #4 P. Depailler

– 1977 Tyrrell P34 #3 R. Peterson and #4 P. Depailler

– 1977 Tyrrell P34/2 R. Peterson and #4 P. Depailler

– 1978 Tyrrell 008 #3 D. Pironi and #4 P Depailler


– 1990 Tyrrell 019 #3 S. Nakajima and #4 J. Alesi

– 1991 Tyrrell 020 #3 S. Nakajima and #4 S. Modena

– 1995 Tyrrell 023 #3 U. Katayama and #4 M. Salo

– 1996 Tyrrell 024 #18 U. Katayama and #19 M. Salo


This collection is exclusive to the CircleK stores in Japan. If you need help to buy the set contact me.

Gallery : Kyosho 1/64 Suzuka Legends Vol.5

Pictures of the 4 F1 models featured in the Suzuka Legends Vol.5 collection released on March 4th.

– 2009 Red Bull Racing RB5 (#15 Sebastian Vettel)

– 2010 Red Bull Racing RB6 (#5 Sebastian Vettel)

– 2011 Vodafone McLaren Mercedes MP4-26 (#4 Jenson Button)

– 2012 Red Bull Racing RB8 (#1 Sebastian Vettel)