News : Tomica March 2014 releases

Coming March 15th, the #36 ThomasLand Express Bus. This is the replica of an actual bus shuttle transporting visitors from Tokyo to the Thomas Land amusement park.


The same day, the #100 Lexus IS 350 F Sport will be released in regular color (blue) and limited color (white).


The two models goign out of the line are the Suzuki Swift and the Honda Fit Shuttle.


AEON stores will add a new model to their exclusive Tuning Cars Series on March 20th : the Nissan Elgrand Nismo version.



Apita stores will follow on March 22nd with the release of the 6th Toyota 2000Gt from their exclusive World Flags collection. This time it’s the UK flag.



Once or twice a year TakaraTomy release a special Kuji collection. Just like the CircleK Kyosho collections, the Kuji Tomica are sold in blind boxes. In March, the 18th Kuji collection will feature police vehicles.

kuji18_02 kuji18_03

Police Ouroboros; Lamborghini Reventon Police; Police Double Decker Bus; Police Super Ambulance

kuji18_04 kuji18_05

Police Blower Truck; Police Panda Transporter (?); Suzuki Every; Toyota iQ Patrol Car


Hitachi Sumitomo Heavy Industries Astako Police; Kawazaki Heavy Industries BK117 -C2 Police Helicopter


More police cars with the Police Cars Gift Set including 4 models.

keisatsuset02 keisatsuset03

Police Tank Lorry; Honda Step Wagon Police; Disaster Preparedness Police Truck; Toyota Crown Patrol Car


Three new Dream Tomica : Hello Kitty Strippe Ribbon, Shimajirou Car II and the Mach 5 from Speed Racer.

dt_kitty dt_shimajiro dt_slmach5


Finally, a new Long Tomica from the Thomas series will also be released in March : Percy.



And as usual, a little gallery of the real cars :

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  1. interested in buying the dream tomica range , transformers , mario , batmobiles , speed racer……….into New Zealand. Hope you can help , many thanks

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