News : Tomytec planning from March to June 2014

March 2014 :

Tomica Limited Vintage

LV-140a Isuzu Bellet 1800GT



LV-140b Isuzu Bellet 1800GTN


Tomica Limited Vintage NEO

LV-N90a Hino HE366 Tractor Head


LV-N48d Honda Civic SiR


LV-N65b Honda Civic VTi



Radio Days

LV-Ra08 Bluebird TBS Radio Car


LV-Ra09 Land Cruiser Nippon Cultural Broadcasting Topic Car


LV-Ra10 Skyline Nippon Broadcasting Nippon #1


April 2014

Tomica Limited Vintage

LV-108c Nissan Diesel SunGreat


Tomica Limited Vintage NEO

LV-N54c Nissan Skyline Van JAF Service Car


LV-N67b Nissan Skyline Van 1600GL


Mai 2014

Tomica Limited Vintage

LV-141a Prince Skyway Fire Department


LV-47c Prince Skyway


Tomica Limited Vintage NEO

LV-N92a Nissan Fairlady 260Z Student Automobile Association


Tomica Limited Vintage 10th Anniversary

Nissan IDx Freeflow


Seibu Keisatsu

#11 Nissan Fairlady Z 2by2


June 2014

Tomica Limited Vintage

LV-142a Toyota Corolla 1100 Patrol Car


LV-142b Toyota Corolla 110 JAF Service Car


Tomica Limited Vintage NEO

LV-N91 a BMW 318i 2door


LV-N91b BMW 318i 2door


Crazy Ken’s Car Club

LV-CKB01 Bellett 1600GT Clubman Racer


Tomica Limited Vintage 10th Anniversary

Nissan IDx Nismo


Seibu Keisatsu

#12 Hiroshima Electric Railways Momiji-go



News : Tomica March 2014 releases

Coming March 15th, the #36 ThomasLand Express Bus. This is the replica of an actual bus shuttle transporting visitors from Tokyo to the Thomas Land amusement park.


The same day, the #100 Lexus IS 350 F Sport will be released in regular color (blue) and limited color (white).


The two models goign out of the line are the Suzuki Swift and the Honda Fit Shuttle.


AEON stores will add a new model to their exclusive Tuning Cars Series on March 20th : the Nissan Elgrand Nismo version.



Apita stores will follow on March 22nd with the release of the 6th Toyota 2000Gt from their exclusive World Flags collection. This time it’s the UK flag.



Once or twice a year TakaraTomy release a special Kuji collection. Just like the CircleK Kyosho collections, the Kuji Tomica are sold in blind boxes. In March, the 18th Kuji collection will feature police vehicles.

kuji18_02 kuji18_03

Police Ouroboros; Lamborghini Reventon Police; Police Double Decker Bus; Police Super Ambulance

kuji18_04 kuji18_05

Police Blower Truck; Police Panda Transporter (?); Suzuki Every; Toyota iQ Patrol Car


Hitachi Sumitomo Heavy Industries Astako Police; Kawazaki Heavy Industries BK117 -C2 Police Helicopter


More police cars with the Police Cars Gift Set including 4 models.

keisatsuset02 keisatsuset03

Police Tank Lorry; Honda Step Wagon Police; Disaster Preparedness Police Truck; Toyota Crown Patrol Car


Three new Dream Tomica : Hello Kitty Strippe Ribbon, Shimajirou Car II and the Mach 5 from Speed Racer.

dt_kitty dt_shimajiro dt_slmach5


Finally, a new Long Tomica from the Thomas series will also be released in March : Percy.



And as usual, a little gallery of the real cars :

Gallery : Tomica Lotus Elise R-GT and Toyota Crown Athlete

Pictures of the new Tomica regular models for February 2014.

News : Tomytec 1/64 Nissan IDx update

AmiAmi published new pictures of the Tomytec IDx Freeflow and IDx Nismo, as well as new informations.


The two cars will be released later this year to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Tomica Limited Vintage line. Strangely, the Tokyo Motor Show 2013 Concept cars 1/64 scale replicas will be part of the TLV Neo line, and crush all dreams of Tomytec launching a new modern cars line.

The IDx Freeflow will be released in May 2014 for 2300 yen.


The IDx Nismo will follow in June for 2500 yen.


Both cars feature now a detailed interior, as it was expected from Tomytec.

UPDATE / News : Tomica planning for April to June 2014

UPDATE : Pictures of the models added. Source : Tomica Fan Club

In its latest newsletter, TakaraTomy unveiled its plans for the second quarter of 2014.

On April 19th, the SRT Viper GTS will make its debut in the Tomica line ! This model will be available in two colors, red (regular) and black (limited). The same day, the new Suzuki Alto Patrol Car will be released and will take the spot of the #48 Toyota Vellfire. This Viper will take the number #11 place and kick the, now old, Subaru Impreza WRX STi out of the line.

011 048

On May 17th the remaining #7 Subaru Impreza WRX STi (4 doors) will be replaced by its new R4 type. The second new model of May will be the Ford Focus RS500 in black (regular) and green (limited) (#50). Exit the Lotus Exige S.

050 007

In June there will be a nice surprise with the Spyker C8 Laviolette, proof that Tomica will continue to do more foreign cars. Regular and limited colors for this new number #98 (bye bye Toyota Aqua). The Mitsubishi Triton will be back in a JAF livery to replace #93 Toyota Camry. In June an original Long Tomica will be released : #128 Drag car.

098 093128

Concerning the Dream Tomica…Three new releases are planned for May: the Peanuts’ Girls Bus and Mario and Yoshi from Mario Kart 8.


To finish, a little gallery of the car we are talking about :

Event Report : Wonder Festival 2014 Winter

This huge event is held twice a year in Tokyo and is all about Japanese scale figures and collectibles toys. There are also a few model cars thanks to Good Smile Company.

The number one Japanese figure maker owns a Super GT racing team and has already released some high-end 1/43 scale models. This year the latest 3D scanning and printing technologies will be used to made a super detailed 1/12 scale Lamborghini Countach based on an authentic Countach car.

In both 2013 editions of the Wonder Festival Good Smile Company had a Lamborghini Countach at its booth. First was a green LP400, then a red Walter Wolf, and this year is a black LP500R next to the Kyosho 1/12 scale replica.

20140209_13333320140209_133432 20140209_150445

The two 1/12 LP400 by Good Smile Racing were also on display.

20140209_133545 20140209_133606 20140209_133632

These two amazing models will be available next october for 120 000 yen each and feature opening parts, functionning retractable head lamps and functionning interior light (turned on/off when the door open/close).

Preorder the Good Smile Racing 1/12 scale Lamborghini Countach LP400 through 829 Japan and save USD150 from the retail price, free EMS delivery worlwide included ! Check out the Reservations page for details.

Also on display at the GSC booth : the 1/43 and 1/32 scale replicas of the Good Smile Racing Super GT car BMW Motorsport Z4 GT3 “Hatsune Miku”.

20140209_152552 20140209_152557 20140209_152602 20140209_152606 20140209_152610


Tomytec was present at the event, working in collaboration with Good Smile Company to release new Nendoroid figures, and with Azone to produce 1/12 scale accessories for dolls and action figures. Including this Honda Gyro Canopy.


That’s it for the model cars at the Wonder Festival 2014 Winter edition !


Gallery : Kyosho 1/64 Ferrari 9 Neo

Pictures of all the models (including the Karuwaza exclusive and the Secret car) except the blue F12 Berlinetta.

News : Tomica February releases, Dubai Police GT-R campaign and price increase

Starting today, Feburary 1st 2014, TakaraTomy is increasing the price of the regular Tomica and Disney lines.

Retail price for regular Tomica is up 90 yen (+25%)

Retail price for Disney Motors is up 50 yen (+7%)

Retail price for Disney Cars is up 100 yen (+15%)


To “celebrate” the price increase, TakaraTomy produced a special edition of the Nissan GT-R Dubai Police version.


Limited to 20 000, this exclusive edition will be available through a raffle. From February 1st to March 31st, anyone who sends in 5 proof of purchase to TakaraTomy will be entered in the raffle. This campaign is, of course, offered to Japan residents only.


Other than that, not much activity in February. Only two new models : The Lotus Exige R-GT (replacing #10 Subaru Sambar Van) and the Toyota Crown Athlete (replacing #92 Toyota Ractis).

010 092

The Lotus Exige R-GT regular edition livery is inspired from the Geko Ypres Rallye 2012. The limited edition is inspired from the Turin Test Car 2011

The Crown Athlete is the Pink Edition, on display at the Toyota booth at the Tokyo Motor Show 2013.


The Tomica Shop exclusive model for February is the second version of the Tomica Shop Transporter.



A few pictures of the real cars for reference :